You’re the creator and love capturing videos on the go lightly, so you decide to shoot videos on your smartphone. You will return to your room and find that all the videos are missing. What are you doing? Where can you find lost videos? Do you have a backup? The questions come up in a row, but the videos never find a return on your smartphone. This is how we can help, share tips so you never lose videos again on your smartphone.

Tips to never lose your smartphone videos again

Google Images

We are all part of the Google ecosystem, from their search engine to their storage and utilities. Life without Google is hard to imagine! You need a Google Account to use Google services, and the same goes for Google Photos. Google Photos lets you automatically sync your photos and videos from your smartphone. It is packed with artificial intelligence that makes it easy to find a specific media file. The default storage is 15GB for your Google Account, which is shared across all services like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, etc.

While Google’s privacy and the way you’re bombarded with ads based on your interests, there’s a lot of concern when you start using Google’s services. Google Images does not allow you to edit videos based on customizations. The biggest limitation is that they allow you to back up your videos with only low resolution.

Microsoft OneDrive

Another easy way to make sure you never lose videos on your smartphone is to upload a backup to OneDrive. Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud storage platform that offers 15GB of storage. You must have a Microsoft account to download and save files to OneDrive.

Like Google Images, even Microsoft OneDrive has been criticized for data breaches. Onedrive is a simple encryption that makes people avoid downloading their sensitive data. Microsoft scans your files when you upload them to OneDrive for ‘malicious content’ that may be copyrighted or explicit. However, this has kept users dissatisfied and concerned about the videos they upload to Microsoft Onedrive.


Box is an online cloud storage platform that provides highly secure storage and privacy policy. You can easily store your smartphone videos in the Box without worry. It offers 10GB of secure file storage with a neat interface that makes file management easy. Files are downloaded very quickly from your smartphone without any errors. The Box is easily accessible from any device, but the best feature of the Box is that integration with Clipchamp’s video editing software.

Creators often use smartphones to record videos and often look for a safe and seamless way to edit videos. You can import videos effortlessly online video editor using Box simply by logging in to your Box account. Clipchamp lets you edit videos on your smartphone when you import videos into the video editor timeline. Clipchamp has several filters, video transitions, and effects that give your smartphone videos a professional look. Clipchamp is handy for creating slide shows and video montages.

Integration with Clipchamp makes Box ahead of its competitors. The ability to edit videos despite the storage capacity or the corruption and loss of video files makes editing videos with Clipchamp a pleasure.

Bonus tips to help you protect your smartphone videos

– Multiple backups
It’s always a good idea to keep your files in multiple storage spaces, whether it’s a hard drive, an SSD, or an online cloud storage platform. Incase one stops working for some reason, you still have other backups that will save you from clutter.

– Extracting files after shooting
Transferring videos at the end of the day from your smartphone is a great way to build. This frees up storage space to capture more videos so you can continue to create great videos.



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