I like hidden technology. Now, I’m not talking about weird Illuminati perpetual motion machines; instead, I mean the kind of technology that we see every day but are not aware of. Road barriers are a very good example.

Road barriers are certainly not sexy, but they are important. They save a ton of lives every year, and while they look like boring concrete walls or dirty corrugated metal bolted to chipped wood, there is a ton of technology going into the design and implementation of these. road barriers.

This is why I found this YouTube video from user Andrew Lam so fascinating. He breaks down the different types of barriers and their advantages and disadvantages in relation to each other. He talks about concepts like bright spots and crash costs. It even fits into different types of crash attenuators – my favorite is the water or sand filled barrels invented by racing driver John Fitch, aka Fitch barriers – and how they work.

It’s not a short 15 minute video, but it’s worth it if you’re interested in infrastructure and a better understanding of how our roads work. I know I’ll never look at a railing attenuator the same way again.

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Ever safer vehicles cannot protect us from ourselves



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