blockchain platform introduced the Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) instrument to support a decentralized business ecosystem. They play an important role in decentralized funding. They can play a more significant role as the DAO infrastructure becomes more skilled, and when financial stakeholders are ignored, they follow greater governance requirements. DAO is a blockchain technologyassociation that depends on smart contracts to support itself. Despite the fact that people may have some intervention, the DAO aims to be truly decentralized in its operations. DAOs are new, but they can still affect DeFi status as well as organizations in many different industries and companies.

Here are some of the best DAO projects to look for in 2021:

Table of contents

  • KyberDAO
  • Aragon
  • Gnoosi DAO
  • Rocket
  • Metafactory
  • Holy reputation
  • Raid guild
  • Decision ideas


KyberDAO is the successor to Kyber Network, an in-chain liquidity strategy that allows for consistent trading of cryptographic identifiers. KyberDAO was established in July 2020 and allowed persons holding KNC funds to participate in decisions concerning the operation of the Kyber Network.

The Kyber group presented some of the proposed benefits of participating in the KyberDAO, including increased support by replacing ETC IDs with KNC holders, increasing administrative transparency, and putting stakeholders focused on the long-term goals of growth and improvement in Cyber. The cyber network has a market capitalization of more than $ 227 million.


Aragon is a decentralized autonomous organization and a structured block for the presentation of other DAOs. Its purpose is to allow customers to contact anyone from anywhere under the DAO. It declares to be a forum for about 1,500 DAOs to date. These DAOs comprise approximately $ 350 million in pooled funds.

Holders of the ANT logo may indicate their agreement and disagreement with the choices affecting the conduct of the Aragonese proceedings; At the same time, they can start or join DAOs affecting Aragon. The purpose of the Aragon Fundraising project is to enable DAO members to use their organization’s fundraising effectively. At the time of writing, Aragon’s market capitalization exceeded $ 157 million.


GnosisDAO is a recently reported decentralized autonomous organization from Gnosis. It is a program that helps DeFi space developers. GnosisDAO formulates its control over forecasts in the market. Based on the state and needs of the market, it provides useful suggestions to its decentralized representatives. The SAFE token is used to manage the DAO, and the DAO is authorized for more than 150,000 plus ETH and 8.00,000.00 GNO tokens.


Rocket is a DAO where members accept non-convertible tokens for either a DAI pegged to the dollar or a U.S. dollar. NFTs cannot be exchanged for different tokens as cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum block chain. Thus, Rocket gives NFT holders an approach to access liquidity without relinquishing their NFT share.


MetaFactory is an option for people who want to give a shopping shot to the community platform. It is a marketplace where customers can buy shirts, caps, Fannie packs and other types of jams. However, it means being significantly more than a retail site. It aims to crowd out costume and clothing producers and enable financial investors to benefit from income through a decentralized platform.

They expect MetaFactory and its branches to be a prototype for DAO-organized brands.

Holy reputation

Saint Fame is a web-based fashion house. It itself is marked as a trial in an unpredictable fashion world. Stake owners Saint Fame decentralized an independent network of organizations bought the $ FAME brands and defined a fashion designer to make the shirt and approved the design before the shirt hit the market. In this way, it becomes a collective decentralized fashion house. Customers can claim $ FAME marks for Saint Fame products.

Raid guild

Raid guild is a decentralized team of hired professionals who aim to help their clients assemble, test, and refine their Web3 projects. It is a separate decentralized network of website developers and designers with a couple of Web3 projects added to their software and waiting to include them in their portfolios. Raid Guild features take advantage of the MetaCartel network.

Decision ideas

The DAO is expected to improve in the coming years. The list of DAOs is evolving remarkably fast as functional DAOs increase by 660% between 2019 and September 2020.

When new DAOs emerge, the people who encourage them understand: what users like, what are the significant barriers to its deployment, what use cases DAOs can best serve, and many more.

The potential for continued dissatisfaction with business as usual in 2021 could lead to an increasing number of buyers in all sectors requesting more noteworthy ownership from the organizations they are interested in. This view is in line with the goal of the DAO and can drive the creation of and investment in DAOs.

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