Whether you’re building a bridge, a house, or a website, your plans don’t matter if you don’t have the best design tools for the job. The task may take longer, the results may be worse, or the project may fail completely.

We’ve put together this collection of 15 top tools, services and resources for designers for 2021. The primary reason is to help you build a successful online presence for your business and build your existing one. Or simply improve an existing business process.

We believe that one or more of the following products and services will be helpful. They are not only useful, but possibly also game changers for your business or the quality of the product you create.

1. BeTheme | Unlimited WordPress website builder

BeTheme is limitless in terms of its website building capabilities and the quality and performance features it embeds in the software products it creates.

The reason is more than 40 core features, including a library of more than 600 professionally designed, responsive, and customizable ready-made websites.

These pre-built websites cover more than 30 industries and are complemented by other key core features such as a dashboard, shortcode and layout generators, and the popular Muffin Builder.

The muffin builder is gone. The good news is that it has been replaced by Muffin Builder 3.

  • Muffin Builder 3 provides users with an improved, more intuitive interface
  • It has a set of ready-made sections, over 200 quick codes and a variety of style options
  • Layout versions can be saved and restored, making it easier to customize content without losing data
  • Blocks or content sections can be exported or imported

Be’s Theme Options 3 is also new. With over 600 settings for this feature, you can set styles for your blog, portfolio, and trade pages worldwide.

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2. Total WordPress theme

Total is another WordPress theme that, due to its many style options and flexible page builder, does not place restrictions on the page layouts you create.

You can build a page from scratch if you want, but Total users will usually be able to take advantage of the selection of Theme Brochures. These easily imported theme presentations apply to the following product types:

  • Business websites
  • Portfolio websites
  • One page websites
  • Personal and creative websites
  • ecommerce and commerce sites
  • Blog sites and more.

Total other features:

  • Pre-designed cards for formatting postings and archives and displaying postage stamps
  • To change the colors, sections, column widths, and typography of the Live Customizer page
  • WPBakery for dragging and dropping the interface and background
  • Dynamic templates for customizing mail type layouts

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3. Builder of Mobirise websites

Mobirise is an offline website builder that is perfect for creating small to medium sized websites. It’s a particularly good choice for non-technical types who usually want to do their website building visually.

  • Mobirise is offline, so you’re not tied to a specific platform, and you can host your site wherever you want
  • More than 4,000 website blocks and more than 300 homepage templates are included. They have been created taking into account the latest web design trends.
  • Mobirise’s many page-building features include everything from sliders, galleries, images, and videos to Google Maps, forms, and icons.
  • Google AMP / Bootstrap4 ensures that your website is very fast and 100% mobile
  • Mobirise is free for personal and commercial use
  • To date, Mobirise users have created more than 1.5 million sites.

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4. Hits

The Trafft booking program is still in the early stages of release. You can choose to join as an early adopter if you want to be able to participate in the game-changing approach of this app to what corporate booking and appointment management tasks should look like.

Highlights include:

  • SMS and email notifications of appointments
  • Customizable booking forms
  • Monitoring and managing the tasks of employees

Start by joining the Early Bird plan for $ 5 / month.

5. Uncode – Creative Multiuse & WooCommerce WordPress theme

Uncode, Envato’s best-selling vendor with 80,000 sales and growth, is the perfect multi-purpose theme on the pixel for freelancers, bloggers, businesses and agencies.

  • One of the most impressive features of this multi-purpose theme is the new WooCommerce Custom Builder
  • Remove the Wireframes encoding extension from more than 450 sections, allowing users to create virtually any page layout
  • The powerful Frontend Editor allows you to fill pages quickly and easily
  • The best way to see what Uncode can do for you is to look at a gallery of user-created websites.

6. wpDataTables

The WpDataTables plug-in allows you to take huge amounts of complex data and create tables or charts quickly and relatively easily.

  • Tables and charts created with WpDataTables can be made responsive, interactive, customizable in user interfaces, and easy to maintain
  • thousands of rows of data from multiple sources and in multiple formats can be processed in seconds or minutes
  • Conditional formatting features can be used to highlight or color-code key information

7. Getillustrations – Premium Image Library

This ready-to-use library of high-quality illustrations can change the approach to designing website interfaces, applications, and presentations.

  • GetIllustrations 6800+ Illustrations is the world’s largest package of its kind
  • Vector AI, PNG, Sketch, SVG, Figma and Adobe XD are featured

All images you purchase come with a commercial license. You must keep and use without restriction.

8. Rey theme for WooCommercelle

Rey’s integration with Elementor, WooCommerce, and the WordPress engine was probably the main contributor to this highly modular WooCommerce theme gaining a reputation for being the best of its kind in 2020.

  • Rey offers an impressive array of customization options
  • Reyn’s authors placed a strong emphasis on performance
  • Rey’s design is modern, stylish and SEO-friendly
  • Rey’s custom e-commerce features and tools are designed to do the job right

9. Goodiewebsite

GOODIE provides web development services to companies and individual web designers who need to obtain a reliably coded website that is fast-paced or has other reasons to contact professional developers to complete the task.

  • GOODIE specializes in personal and small business as well as e-commerce website development and custom website design.
  • Other GOODIE specialties include website maintenance, responsive email development and user interface development

10. Amelia booking extension

Amelia automates and manages appointments and events. In this case, this application add-on saves companies and customers considerable time.

  • Guests can make, change or cancel appointments online 24/7
  • Amelia can manage bookings at multiple locations and an unlimited number of events
  • Amelia monitors and manages employee tasks and work schedules
  • Amelia can integrate with Zoom and Google Meet for consulting or training purposes

11. Litho – A versatile HTML5 template

The Litho Multipurpose HTML5 template showcases its modern design, and with its Bootstrap4 features, it is the perfect website creation tool for all types of businesses, offices or start-ups.

The most important features are:

  • All the design elements needed to build beautiful websites: Hero sliders, contact forms, interactive banners, buttons, tables, tabs and much more
  • More than 37 homepages and more than 230 ready-made models
  • Page styles for blog, portfolio and trade sites
  • Detailed instructions and five-star user support

12. 8b Website Builder

The brand new 8b website builder is ready to become the star of the show in 2021.

  • This website building tool can be used at home on your desktop or mobile device when you are away.
  • The futuristic interface of 8b is very easy to work with
  • 8b’s more than 250 website sections and 16 start-up templates are designed to get projects started quickly

And not forgetting. 8b is free.

13. Siter

You can start using Siter for free: affordable monthly / annual subscriptions are available. This website builder is a great choice for design teams or projects that require collaboration.

  • Although Siter does not require encoding, you can add your own custom code
  • Siter has free photo search and access to thousands of free icons
  • You can embed YouTube videos
  • Siter offers a free site domain or you can use your own

14. Heroic mailbox

With Heroic Inbox, your business can manage its shared mailboxes right inside your website. This is especially useful for communicating with customers, and it is necessary to revert to previous email communications.

  • The heroic mailbox uses tags to organize emails for later use
  • A heroic mailbox allows staff members to work together to provide appropriate answers
  • Inbox status can be reached quickly and easily
  • Key performance indicators are monitored


WHATFONTIS allows designers to find a font in seconds by identifying it from the uploaded image.

  • The impressive search capabilities of this application are based on a database of over 700,000 fonts and a set of powerful artificial intelligence font search algorithms
  • Sent fonts are positively recognized 90% of the time
  • First-class support is available if the AI ​​engine produces a strange result

Italic fonts can also be recognized, although letters must be separated


You decide to build a website, but you don’t have a lot of skills or experience in it. Or you find the “techie” talk a little scary. Then one or more of the designer tools and services described in this article should serve you well.

Once you have a website up and running, you can relax – but for a little while. Even the best websites tend to require regular updates and maintenance. This is especially true for product-centric websites or other websites that contain up-to-date information.

With the right design tools, keeping your site up to date can be a relatively easy task.

The purpose is to give you what we think are the best software solutions for the tasks. Once you’ve tested one or more of them, we’re sure you’ll believe it too.

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