You know how to prepare and place Facebook ads at this point, right? But you may need extra inspiration to make a really good campaign. Facebook ads are not meant to be aimed at just the right people. They are also meant to be catchy, memorable and encouraging to act easily.

Want to be inspired by particularly good Facebook ads? Let’s look at some of the winners to get a better idea of ​​which direction you should go.

Why did we consider these to be the best Facebook ads?

Everyone has their own idea of ​​which ads are the best, worst, most effective, and least effective. We have talked about some Instagram advertising errors which you should watch out for good Instagram ads that we think you should take notes. Although our opinions are subjective, we think you should still be able to remove some ideas from your own ad campaigns.

Let’s look at a few things that really make an ad on Facebook better than everyone else we’ve seen.

  • The format is appropriate for the content and purpose of the ad.
  • Banner copy is adequate and not too verbal. Instagram content can get rid of being more than a blog post, but Facebook ads don’t.
  • Try to capture their attention right away with not so subtle title. Make it clear what you offer and why it is good for the customer!
  • Visualswhether static or mobile, they must be easy to interpret and draw the attention of users with one minute’s notice.
  • Many people watch Facebook videos without sound. Consider using CC if you have a video ad. It is also more easily achieved this way.
  • There are no unanswered negative or spam comments in the comments section.

Making good ads is more than preparing the right target audience, as you probably can tell. 😉 In this article, you will see that some ads meet different criteria more or less, but they have two things in common: they are practical and convincing. When you want your ad to be converted, it’s just not enough to be memorable.

Let’s start and watch some of the best Facebook ads we found!

Expressive phone case

We can’t really start without mentioning CASETiFY. They are a company that creates phone cases, but you also have the option to customize your own.

Their ads usually work well because they show their phone case and give you a shortcut to go to their website right away to see more products. They don’t even need a lot of text to get it done: this ad literally has only 11 words in addition to hashtags. Hashtags are also great because one of them is the real name of the brand, which makes it easier for users to find and label their own CASETiFY products.

The ad format is perfect for users to get Phone Cases quickly. Simply presenting the phone case without making it easier to use the website would not work nearly as well. Finally, the ability to quickly browse the list in their Facebook app allows them to see some of your more impressive models. If you include multiple products together as they are (Phone Cases for both iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Phones), you have a better chance of getting them interested.

Promoting your online degree through Facebook

This ad from the University of London is definitely getting a lot of attention, and so many active travel bans and barriers for students outside London. Now that distance learning and work have become normal, it is important to be aware of distance learning programs. The copy will tell you right away how you can benefit, and there it is CTA which will take you to the university website.

university in london facebook ad

The graphics they use also make sense. It’s a real picture of London (a big part of the outlet, if we’re honest) and not just the occasional young adult models sitting on the lawn laughing at their salads. 😉

Used clothes get a second chance

Depop has become especially popular if you forgot it. Not just as Depop itself as an app or platform, but also for saving and buying used clothes in general. Buying used products is especially attractive to younger generations. It’s affordable, the pieces tend to be unique and the clothes tend to be of higher quality.

the best facebook ad for a vintage store

What makes Depop’s ads so good is that they clearly appeal to a certain demographics and aesthetic. While many marketers don’t like 90s and Y2K’s “vintage,” the aesthetic of Windows XP makes the ad really interesting. Instead of making the ad just feature models, they have incorporated the entire Y2K aesthetics to create the mood. It’s a pretty funny and camped fashion ad. They point out the most entertaining part of buying used products: the clothes you buy are unique. It challenges their fast format competition because users can also offer cheaper prices, but copying your style is not as easy.

best vintage store facebook ad

Specialized coding courses

Meanwhile, the SheCodes Workshops ad has a video and several images just like the Instagram carousel ad. They have little text that stands out, but the most important parts are definitely the visual elements. They provide important information about the workshops, making it easier for the user to get to their page. This works well in an awareness campaign when you want more people to learn that your service even exists and can benefit them.

facebook ad for coding

Reliable and safe car

For most of us, buying a car is a pretty big deal. It’s a particularly big deal when you’re in charge of other people. Subaru wants to get this message sold on the Ascent model this year. The video ad starts with showing us the model itself, then two happy kids in the car, followed by a review of the model. The review states that the company’s products are considered safe for the sixth year in a row. There is not too much text, and the copy easily stands out from the graphics. Subaru successfully made you know three reasons why their product should be on your radar.

facebook ad subarulle

A favorite makeup company for fans

Nearly enough people have not heard of Beauty Bakerie. It is a company founded by breast cancer survivor Cashmere Nicole who wanted to allow people to buy makeup with healthier ingredients. Their goal of providing customers with healthier makeup options is reflected directly in their ads. This ad is working for us because:

  • It lists what makes their products supreme and makes sure it stands out.
  • Their copy is written in a friendly voice. Bonus points for using words and not spamming.
  • You can see exactly how their product can be applied to the bare face. In fact, many of their ads show you that.
  • They create demand for the product and encourage you to buy the product while it is still available.

Facebook ad about a beauty bakery

We do not always recommend pointing out that any of your products are easily sold. If a company like L’Oreal were to look like the products were running out, it would look ridiculous considering their resources. Considering that Beauty Bakerie is a company of about 25 people with an annual turnover of $ 3.28 million (compared to $ 500 million for L’Oreal owned by NYX), this ad is quite credible.

beauty bakery facebook ad

However, the features of the product itself are emphasized in the advertisement. It does not run out of stock for no reason. You see in the ad that they are repeatedly trying to prove their promises are legitimate. We value ads that make promises they can really keep!

Realistic backpack announcement

TropicFeel ads were definitely one of the better types of ads we’ve seen. It was one of those moments when you see an item that you really wanted but not only knew which brand to buy it from. So what makes their ads so good?

facebook ad for tropicfeel

Let’s start with the copy. The copy is always relatively simple and uses the benefits of the product as a checklist. In a way, that means these are not just things that are nice to get, but are necessary (for example, that it’s weatherproof).

The first ad is a video that shows how their models range from 22 liters to 40 and how you can adjust the bag according to your type of trip. They open the different corners and trays of the backpack to show how much you can actually fit in it. Even the sliding transition at the bottom of the ad shows how much space you add with each new tray. You can easily make the right choice in sizing because it is not so vague.

tropicfeel facebook ad

They also have another product they advertise alongside backpacks. Their shells are a great substitute for packing cubes because you just need to pack just the pack and it will fit perfectly inside the backpack. The copy here is just as smart – one of the reasons why consumers can opt for a regular suitcase instead of a suitcase is the question of space and organization. A daily backpack may not fit everything we need, but a hiking backpack is in danger of having to log in or it can just be frustrating to pull everything out of there and make a mess. You see where this is going, right? Pretty good middle ground.

In terms of aesthetics, the presentation of products in a relevant environment facilitates the understanding of the usefulness of the products. Instead of unpacking everything and holding a messy bag, you can hang the shell and get yourself a hanging wardrobe!

Create your own campaigns? Easy.

In our humble opinion, these were some of the best Facebook ads we found out there. You should have more than enough inspiration to get started in your own campaigns.

Don’t forget to look for ways on a regular basis optimize your Facebook ad. You’ll still need to test different copies, graphics, and targeting until your ad campaigns are complete. However, check Analytics for Facebook ads and comparing results across campaigns will certainly help improve future ad campaigns. You may realize that localized ads are getting better results, or that promoting your app through Facebook won’t just bring you the results you want. Regardless of the result, the solution is always there!

We’ve looked at some of the better ads that different brands and organizations have placed on Facebook. Take what you’ve learned from this article and prepare for your next ad campaign. Congratulations on improving your campaign KPIs this quarter!


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