Picture through Bjornpilot

Most passengers no longer allowed to peek into the director’s accommodations, but leave us to imagine what their dining or hidden sleeping areas might look like.

Now the pilot YouTuber has revealed more secrets in a commercial airplane, including the entire cockpit, which is located below the cockpit.

Pilot, which passes Bjornpilot, bypasses Airbus 330, 340 and 350 and documents its journey with a selfie stick. In a recent video, he revealed some of the great secrets of the Airbus 350, especially the hidden server space.

In the movies We often see all the electronics and computers an instructor needs right in front of them in the cockpit dashboard or on the sides of the seats. However, a modern passenger aircraft needs much more computing power than a single-propeller aircraft.

Inside the cab, Bjornpilot shows a hatch on the floor to which he climbs down to reveal the impressive airspace of the aircraft. This hidden separate room has racks for computers and equipment, so only one person can stand.

If you ever are wondered if the pilot was moving through the plane without noticing. By Gizmodo, Bjornpilot also unveiled an easily accessible door between the aircraft ‘s aeronautical engineering department and the hold, allowing the pilot to move through the entire aircraft stealthily.

Closer Check out the Airbus 350’s server space and other secrets, watch the video below.

[via Gizmodo, cover image via Bjornpilot]



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