Picture through Milan Outpatient Clinic

This well lived patient A CT scan was performed at Policlinico Hospital in Milan, but not because of a knee injury.

Find their identities and more information about their lives, the researchers transferred the ancient mummy from the Civic Archaeological Museum in Bergamo to the hospital and placed it in the process, hoping to reconstruct the burial methods made about 3,000 years ago.

The mummy is is believed to belong to a priest from 900 to 800 BC named Ankhekhonsu, meaning “god Khonsu is alive,” as the sarcophagus was written five times.

“Mummies are practically biological museums; they are like a time capsule “, explained Sabina Malgora, Director of Moomin Project Research, in a statement Reuters.

Such an analysis can also provide an insight into ancient diseases and wounds, pave the way for the development of modern medicine.

If you are not squeamish, you can watch a CT scan from the video below.

Video off CNN

Picture through Milan Outpatient Clinic

Picture through Milan Outpatient Clinic

[via CNN and Reuters, images via Policlinico Milano]



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