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Oreo takes over diversity seriously by unveiling one, not two, but five Pride packages for 2021 as a nod to five different flags celebrating the LGBTQ + community.

Limited edition OREOiD Pride cookies are supplied with creme fillings that represent the famous colors Gilbert Baker rainbow flag, bisexual ticket, lesbian ticket, panxual ticket and trans ticket, POPSUGAR reports.

Only 3000 Pride packs are available this year and they are up on a first come, first served basis On the Oreo website Fans must be at least 13 years old and must be residents of the U.S. or Puerto Rica to receive a ticket.

Except for through special edition cookies, Oreo has also recruited LGBTQ + artists Zipeng Zhu, Bráulio Amado, Kris Andrew Small and Phaedra Charles to design posters with the first words their loved ones said to LGBTQ + people when they arrived, both the words and the wishes of LGBTQ + tell them. “Finding the right words can be challenging for the LGBTQ + population and their families, especially during the first upcoming discussions,” said Brian K. Bond, PFLAG National Representative.

Oreo is too by donating $ 50,000 to PFLAG National, the first-ever organization for LGBTQ + individuals and their loved ones, for its awareness initiatives.

OREOiD cookies based on the Pride ticket. Picture through Oreo

OREOiD cookies based on the Trans ticket. Picture through Oreo

OREOiD cookies based on a lesbian ticket. Picture through Oreo

OREOiD cookies based on the Pansexual Flag service. Picture through Oreo

Bisexual ticket-based OREOiD cookies. Picture through Oreo

[via POPSUGAR, images via Oreo]



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