Video screenshot via Netflix UK and Ireland

It took unnecessary time to deal with and stare at that headline, because no word can describe the fever dream that is Netflix’s upcoming dating reality show, Sexy beast– when the cat’s ears are not enough.

Probable lovable child / Disguised singer and dating series, the series tells of singles who meet other singles for the first time when dressed in costumes and dentures to look like animals or strangers. The goal is to remove the superficial aspects of meeting a potential partner so that appearance is not a factor. Well, unless you’re fluffy.

As in detail CNET, Sexy beast appeared first BBC in 2014, but it has now been revived for international viewers on Netflix with new UK and US participants.

To be fair, the series was filmed last year during a pandemic, so an added layer of prosthesis would make sense as a protective measure. But that doesn’t mean you should repeat this in your own days.

If you have to be sure to wear the right mask over your muzzle.

[via CNET, video and cover image via Netflix UK & Ireland]



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