BlockFilm is becoming the first independent and leading blockchain-based film funding platform in space. The Canadian production platform operates through a strategic partnership with TokenFunder. The groundbreaking exemption order of the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) paved the way for the realization of this ‘marked’ production financing opportunity.

The decision follows the rigorous process of the OSC Launchpad team
It helps investors in content production avoid multi-year expectations before financing their investments and gives producers access to a wider range of investments.

The decision will allow BlockFilm to bring both incumbent and emerging content producers together with accredited investors to fund independent media production. The platform will support the creation of compatible financial instruments (security codes) to finance and support project budgets.

Security tokens (covering equity, debt and / or revenue sharing methods) represent the underlying split ownership or debt instruments that provide content providers with unprecedented and effective access to new sources of private capital.

Gamechager for content producers

What do award-winning star producers have in common with Damon D’Oliveira, Mary Young Leckie, Ina Fichman, J. Todd Harris and Roland Joffé? They are part of a growing industry leader who agrees that BlockFilm is a game changer for content producers. Mary Young Leckie, the most productive Canadian producer, knows how hard designers have to work to fund their projects and how many stakeholders are involved in the various stages of funding. For Mary, BlockFilm is “a much simpler, more democratic and less painful way to fund a film, and it may not come soon enough.”

In addition to the OSC exemption, BlockFilm is pleased to announce that it has partnered exclusively with TokenGX, a liberalized market trader that uses the groundbreaking investment and hedging platform to serve investors who want to invest in the security of BlockFilm content providers. In addition to its fully digital Know-Your-Client start-up and investment process, TokenFunder creates and distributes project security tokens for investors ’digital asset accounts – a process that will enable digital trading in the future.

In the past, investors in the film industry had to wait the entire lifecycle of a project’s distribution path (seven to ten years or even longer) to earn their investment.

“We are excited to partner with TokenFunder. Supported by Blockchain’s integrity, security and transparency, we are responding to the challenges our industry has faced for decades,” says Pauline Couture, CEO of BlockFilm. global leadership. BlockFilm will change content providers and investors. “

Alan Wunsche, CEO of TokenGX and TokenFunder, said: “It is interesting to think that we are developing a whole new class of investment products for investors looking for new returns in this low-interest environment, while providing a wider arts community opportunity to secure funding and deepen fan engagement more cost-effectively.”

A bright future

In the future, the BlockFilm / TokenFunder partnership will allow content providers to provide rewards to their fans and investors in the form of tokens that can be collected or redeemed from the experience of the film and production industry and more. Ultimately, the public can provide support to content producers through direct donations. Fans known as “masters” can also earn rewards for supporting projects through their personal social media channels.

At launch, BlockFilm’s first 11 projects from Canada, Europe and the UK will aim to raise $ 19.1 million CAD over the next 4-6 months. With 50 projects currently underway and huge interest, BlockFilm anticipates helping to fund more than 100 projects by the end of next year, bringing the projected total increase to $ 175 million.

Accredited investors can invest in these international projects today, as long as they comply with the local laws of their jurisdiction, and can sell their IDs to other accredited investors in the TokenFunder marketplace – first in the industry.

“BlockFilm is designed and engineered to support producers’ tremendous need for new sources of funding, ”says Suzette Couture, vice president and general manager of Blockfilm. “Content producers in Canada and the rest of the world will benefit greatly from our groundbreaking new platform as they connect with a global community of investors and masters who can now find and invest in their work.”

BlockFilm is designed to showcase projects of all genres and formats while promoting content that has a social impact in their hearts so investors can connect to “important stories” and leverage their investment power as a way to get involved in the things they support. These projects will arouse interest among fans and communities on topics such as: environment and sustainability human rights; Indigenous people; LGBTQIA2S + people; Color people; social and political issues; and women
and gender issues.


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