YouTube is launching new tools and resources for small business owners, including step-by-step instructions for growing your channel and a streamlined process for creating ads.

The launch of these tools will coincide with Google’s International Small Business Week, which includes several initiatives for small business owners.

YouTube will announce it 79% Small businesses on the YouTube channel agree that publishing videos helps them find customers.

In addition, it is estimated that 82% the share of digital consumer traffic in video by 2022.

Currently, there are over two billion monthly users on YouTube who together watch a billion hours of video a day.

Business owners can connect with these viewers and show them what makes their brand unique by creating a YouTube channel.

According to a YouTube survey:

  • 72% small businesses find it easy to get started on YouTube.
  • 65% from small business YouTube channels says it uses YouTube to showcase its products and services.
  • 85% viewers will turn to YouTube for new content.

“For small businesses, the trend towards video offers a huge growth opportunity. Put video and YouTube at the heart of your online strategy and see better results today – and in the long run.”


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Here is more information about the tools and resources released for small businesses today.

YouTube Step-by-Step Playbook

YouTube has released a free step-by-step guide to help business owners launch a channel, build an online presence, and reach new customers.

These are the chapters in the guide and a brief summary of what each one covers.

Starting the channel

This chapter covers:

  • The basics of creating a personal channel or brand account
  • Customize your channel with a custom name, description, URL, and contacts
  • Channel branding using YouTube layout and branding options
  • Upload a video, write a title and description, and select a thumbnail
  • By adding additional elements such as searchable tags, decision boxes, and video cards
  • Measuring performance in YouTube Studio


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Creating videos

This chapter covers:

  • Video design before filming
  • Tips for shooting with your phone
  • ABCDs for effective creativity
  • Google Video Maker lets you create videos with existing clips

Live streaming on YouTube

This chapter covers:

  • Confirming YouTube channel
  • Adjust your account settings to enable streaming
  • Desktop streaming
  • Streaming from phone

Note: You need at least 1000 subscribers to stream to your phone.


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Get started with YouTube ads

This chapter covers:

  • Creating a Google Ads Account
  • Creating and launching a campaign
  • Measuring results

The company says so 89% small businesses use a combination of paid advertising and organic content on YouTube.

New tools for creating YouTube ads

YouTube introduces a faster and easier way to create video ad campaigns.

This new process allows businesses to simply upload a video ad, notify the audiences they reach, and set a budget.


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This reduces the time it takes to create a YouTube campaign, and the new mobile experience makes it easier for businesses to measure campaign effectiveness.

Take advantage of the new YouTube advertising experience at

To learn more about these resources and guides, visit YouTube’s Small Business Days home page.


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