President Trump cannot post on Facebook. He can’t buy ads. He has been blocked from a platform that will last at least until 2023. But his PAC can do both – as long as the ads don’t include a URL to


It comes down to this: Facebook is trying to be a little tougher for politicians who are confused about their sites. But the practice is new, evolving, and uncomfortably stretched, as in the case of these Trump PAC ads. For many users, the difference between an ad with a URL and an identical ad without an ad is small. But Facebook has decided – a little confusingly – to draw a line there: No URL. The company says it is working to keep President Trump’s voice out of its app, and a link to his website would violate the goal.

Still, here’s an ad that got approval, and it reads no doubt that the president could have tampered with it as a tweet – no doubt like his voice:

Last week, Trump’s PAC, Save America, included a series of commercials aimed at raising money and increasing a demonstration hosted by the former president. The PAC already maintains an official Facebook page dedicated to the president, @OfficialTeamTrump. But its continuation in Facebook marketing was an ironic surprise, given Trump’s official expulsion and his recent statements that blew up the company from his kicking.

When Facebook announced in May that he had to complete a two-year suspension, Trump criticized the company for “censoring and silencing” and announced that another Trump administration would arrive at the White House hostile to Facebook: “Next With Zuckerberg and his wife. “

Still, when Trump is left to publicly vaporize Facebook, his advisors seem to know the importance of the site to a policy where candidates can successfully raise large numbers from grassroots donors using ads currently running on Save America. Their significance is undeniable, even if the candidate’s vote is not always present.



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