Picture through Cologne police

An old saying that the rubbish of one man is a treasure of another could not be more truthful, as two 17th-century paintings, possibly worth thousands, were taken from the rubbish bin at a highway stop in southeastern Germany last month.

Cologne the police department appeals to the public the information “who knows the paintings displayed and / or how they got to the landfill in the service area”. The oil paintings were picked up by a 64-year-old man who took a break from the trash at a rest stop near Ohrenbach on May 18 at about 4 pm He collected the works of art and handed them to the police.

Preliminary study the expert decided on the framed pieces as original 17th century paintings, CNN reports.

One of the paintings, A self-portrait of the mustachioed Italian portrait artist Pietro Bellotti is believed to date from 1665. Bellotti would paint for esteemed families in Venice and beyond, according to Switzerland. Canesso Gallery.

Artnet news reveal that “very similar” version of the painting, titled The artist’s self-portrait as a laugh, was auctioned at Christie’s London in 2006 and had an estimated sale price of US $ 55,000 to US $ 91,000, while the second copy was to go under the hammer to Bonhams London for US $ 29,000 to US $ 44,000 in 2008. However, both paintings did not sell. It is worth noting, however, that the highest paid for Bellot is $ 190,000.

Another painting, which depicts a boy in a red cap is due to the Dutch painter and author Samuel van Hoogstraten, although the year of its creation is still unknown.

Notice it Van Hoogstraten’s art style is similar to Rembrandt’s and is because he was a student of the old master. Given his personal learning experience with a Dutch painter, Van Hoogstraten’s writings have been considered a “valuable source of information about Rembrandt’s views on painting”. national gallery. Van Hoogstraten’s record price is $ 788,000, Artnet news reports.

[via Artnet News and CNN, images via Cologne Police]



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