Twitter is advancing with the next phase of commercializing its content providers with users can now apply test its upcoming Super Follow and Ticketed Spaces options.

As per Twitter:

“On Twitter, we want to help people make money and give them tools they can use to reward their work and feel supported by their audience. We’re looking for a small group of people who will be the first to try Ticketed Spaces and Super Follows with their audiences and share feedback. Help us test and improve these experiences before they hit the market in the coming months. “

Twitter has been developing both options for some time, with the platform first announcing expanded commercialization tools Analyst Day Overview back in February. Since then, several unfinished iterations The design and layout of each is shared by a reverse design expert Jane Manchun Wongwhich provides a preview what can we expect from the options.

Now, Twitter is sharing more insights into functional models of functionality as part of its new search process.

First, in Ticket Modes – as you can see in this image, users will soon be able to bill for the exclusive right to use Spaces sessions with varying ticket pricing options.

Twitter Tickets Spaces

Voice-social has become a key trend driven by the sudden rise of the Clubhouse, and now Twitter has seemingly taken the lead in the competition, and Spaces ’wider exposure is based on Twitter’s established network, showing strong temptation and Twitter opening up the option all users with more than 600 followers application at the beginning of last month.

Ticketed Spaces is the next step in providing more commercialization opportunities for content producers. Meanwhile, Super Follows also allows users to charge a monthly fee to allow fans to use a variety of additional content and engagement features such as newsletters, exclusive streaming, product discounts, etc.

Twitter Super follows

Both facilitate new opportunities for content providers and encourage them to build a stronger presence in the app, which will help Twitter improve its engagement as a whole and ideally grow its audience significantly in the coming years, accordingly. stated objectives.

But there may be some concern about the longer-term growth effects of the alternatives given the reported revenue share cut, at least at this testing stage.

As Twitter explains, content producers are able to take 97 percent of the revenue they collect from buying Spaces tickets and Super Tracking, up to a total of $ 50,000.

There’s a big leap in getting Twitter:

“Twitter will not take more than 3% of its share until you exceed the life cycle analysis of both products by $ 50,000. After that, Twitter’s share will rise to as much as 20 percent of future revenue.”

It’s a steep rise – but realistically, for most, reaching $ 50,000 isn’t an option, and even at that rate, creators will still be able to earn significant revenue from their efforts.

Nevertheless, why Twitter is driving such a big rise is not clear (except, of course, for more revenue), and it may put a cap on the growth potential of the option and limit the full scope of content providers ’revenue for the application. Twitter could, of course, review this approach in the future, but right now it seems to be a barrier to the full potential of the option – and it’s worth noting that YouTube or Facebook don’t have a similar cap to grow their share. At least not yet.

It should also be noted that the reported 97% stake does not take into account app store fees, which already reduces this intake.

In the case of the App Store, Epic Games is currently challenging this element trial against Apple – but the situation is as it is, right now, it would mean that if you increased your App Store fees, if you set your Space ticket price for example $ 5, $ 2.80 for each ticket sold would go to you, 70c would go to Twitter and $ 1.50 go to Apple / Google.

Because of the different elements played, it may not be the path to the riches that many had illustrated. But still, it’s another possibility, and it’s still being tested. A lot of changes in the process can happen now and between the full launch in the future.

Currently, users in the U.S. are applying to participate in both the Ticketed Spaces (iOS and Android) and Super Follows (iOS only) test pools.

“Applications to try these products are separate and are currently available on mobile devices.”

You can apply for ticket spaces here and Super follows here.

And while many Twitter gurus will no doubt want to add a Super-follower button to their profile to see how many people sign up, it’s important to plan more for your offering in this regard. People don’t just sign up to read your valuable tweets, no matter how valuable you think the basics are, so you have to offer more to attract extra expenses and build a paying subscriber base, unlike simply banking with your community’s power and hoping it will drive you towards your millions again.

Because it’s for several of the reasons mentioned above, it probably won’t, no matter how valuable you think your content is. The real gauge is how much value you can offer your audience in addition to what you’re doing right now, or the guests you can bring to your Spaces that attract a crowd, each a challenge in itself.

But for those who want to give it a picture, the apps are now open. Prepare for prompts to tap that ‘Super Follow’ button to start streaming in your tweet stream.


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