Monitoringis the first foray into cross play is now live – Starting today, players on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch will be able to band together, instead of being limited to playing only with friends on the same platform.

Players from all four platforms will be able to play together in Quick Play, Arcade and Custom game modes; for MonitoringIn Ranked Competitive mode, only console players will be able to play together. PC gamers, on the other hand, will always be limited to the same pool of PC gamers – presumably for a balance, given the advantages mouse and keyboard gamers traditionally have in shooters.

PC gamers will automatically have cross play enabled starting today. Xbox, PlayStation and Switch players will need to link their Blizzard account to their console of choice to be able to enjoy cross play, however. Once configured, players will be able to join friends of their own list, regardless of the platform.

The addition of cross play is long overdue Monitoring, which was one of the biggest modern multiplayer games in 2021 to not have this feature. Other major titles, like Fortnite, Call of Duty War Zone, and Apex Legends already support functionality, which is increasingly becoming a tabletop issue for the industry.

Notably, however, the new Monitoring the update only allows cross-platform play. But the game is still sorely lacking cross progression – meaning that while players aren’t limited by the platform they play on, the skins, emotes, or other cosmetic items they’ve painstakingly unlocked over the years won’t be available elsewhere.

There may still be hope on the horizon for a cross progression: Monitoring Technical Director John Lafleur commented in a recent Reddit AMA that “it would probably make more sense to tackle cross-play first, and then explore progression as a potential add-on” in the future.


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