Is SEO for your website appropriate? Are your pages positioned as well as they could be? Help people find you online, so you need to make sure your website is ship-shaped. How do you do that? With regular exercise. Now you don’t have to do the same exercises every time. It depends on what needs attention right now.

Let’s say you have a website that you often share new content with. New content is great, but you also need to go back and work on older content every now and then. Maybe it could use an update!

Another exercise that keeps your website healthy is internal linking. This means that you link your pages to each other and create a combined website with a sensible structure.

But it is also important to work on technical SEO. For example, you need to constantly improve the speed of your site as it becomes more important every day. When you check the speed of your site regularly, you will know your progress and what you can still improve!

And you don’t want two pages competing with each other for a place in the search results, right? Therefore, you must strive to prevent duplicate content!

Now you can do a lot to keep your site up and running! And Yoast SEO can help you. Our extension can be your personal trainer to give you customized advice for your website. Because we know it’s hard to stick with it. But remember: a healthy site gets you more attention in search results and more visitors!


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