YouTube is hosting its first ever “Small Biz Day,” June 24, an all-day event designed to help small businesses use videos to reach their audiences.

The event is being organized as part of Google’s International Small Business Week as an initiative to help business owners grow their YouTube presence.

According to research data, 72% of U.S. small businesses say YouTube helps them improve their online visibility and use it as a tool to promote their products and services.

Here’s more information on what companies can expect to get to YouTube’s Small Biz Day, which has a full schedule of panels, speakers, and live shopping.


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YouTube Small Biz Day: Schedule and Speakers

Small Biz Day begins Thursday, June 24 at 12:00 PM ET on the Google Small Business YouTube channel.

The event begins with a live shopping experience where viewers can purchase purchases from multiple companies in the U.S. and Canada.

The following panels are also designed in conjunction with the live workshop:

  • Secrets of Success (panel): Hints and tips for getting started and differentiating on YouTube.
  • Stories of resilience (panel): Learn how business owners turned during a pandemic and used YouTube to connect with customers.
  • Create videos that appeal to customers (workshop): Learn how to create compelling YouTube videos for your business and showcase your products in videos.

YouTube has the following speakers designed for Small Biz Day:


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  • Cassey Ho (5 million subscribers): 11 years of experience on YouTube and founder of Blogilates.
  • Molly Burke (2 million subscribers): Canadian YouTuber and motivational speaker. The content focuses on the rights of disabled people, fashion and makeup.
  • Erin Winters (268,000 subscribers): A full-time entrepreneur who helps small business owners “take demand for their brand”.
  • The Domestic Geek (1.94 million subscribers): Small businesses in the culinary world.
  • Asia Jackson (419 thousand subscribers): Produces content that focuses on makeup reviews and clothing shipments.
  • Tyler and Todd (84.6 thousand subscribers): Known for its original lifestyle vlogs, instructional videos, and more.

For the first time, YouTube is hosting a small Biz Day & # 8221;  June 24For the first time, YouTube is hosting a small Biz Day & # 8221;  June 24For the first time, YouTube is hosting a small Biz Day & # 8221;  June 24

YouTube Little Biz Day is free. You can either tune in at the beginning Google For Small Business Channelor register in advance.


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If you are unable to participate live, the content will be available later upon request.

Source: The official YouTube blog


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