It was a massacre in the market on Thursday. Those looking for the best cryptocurrency to buy will no doubt feel anxious because there is no narrative of where the bottom is.

Yet experienced investors know that market crises are where the opportunities are greatest.

Warren Buffett, perhaps the greatest surviving valuer, once said, “Be afraid when others are greedy and greedy when others are afraid.”

The current market is incredibly fearful, like Fear and greed index. However, you can take positions now and take advantage when the bulls return. We have some of the best cryptocurrencies for investors interested in buying.

1. Bitcoin (BTC)

Looking for the best cryptocurrency with value? Look no further than Bitcoin. Its position as the leading cryptocurrency – and one of the best investment assets – will undoubtedly remain. It will lead to a recession, but Bitcoin will never stay down for long.

The primary thing is that the market has received a lot of negative news. China has been cruel Bitcoin, where the country bans mining and the People’s Bank by guiding commercial banks and payment service providers to close cryptographic accounts.

Several top banks – including AgBank, China Industrial and Commercial Bank and China Construction Bank – have agreed and are now opposed to these accounts.

Companies like Alipay and WeChat pay are expected to do the same because of fear of government.

Investors looking to buy the best cryptocurrencies will no doubt want an asset that can retain their ownership.

Basically, this means that there is little or no time to chase meme money and worthless funds. If you are looking for the best cryptocurrencies to buy, you need to analyze the market and consider what each coin offers.

Here come the in-depth and technical analyzes.

With the market now falling, Bitcoin remains the best hope for investors looking for the most valuable cryptocurrency to buy. The property has shown its ability to recover from negative news and always does.

2. Kusama (KSM)

Kusama is one of the most popular blockchain platforms. The native brand of the block chain, KSM, may be a hot commodity soon.

KSM has fallen quite significantly over the past month. With the current price tag of $ 201.27, it is well over 50 percent off the all-time high of $ 625.11. Still, there is a lot going on to this property.

We have already said that the market will eventually recover – which will raise large-capacity funds again. However, the largest gains are seen in assets with use cases that further support their prices. This makes KSM such a hot commodity.

Kusama price charts for June 22 - buy cryptocurrencies

Last week, detail on Polkaassembly confirmed that the first auction on the Kusama network will begin soon. It defines the parachutes that are added to the Kusama transmission chain by essentially joining the Kusama sister block chain – Polkadot.

The winner of the auction will be announced today, and the second auction will begin immediately thereafter.

News like this shows that the Kusama network is preparing for its full launch. When projects can launch it, the use of KSM will increase – reinforcing the value of the ID.

3. Aave (AAVE)

Anyone looking for a cryptocurrency related to DeFi to buy will better serve the purchase of blue-chip funds. In this sense, it does not receive any “deFi blue chip” other than AAVE – an internal identifier for the Aave Lending Protocol.

Ghost is currently the top DeFi protocol, with a total locked in of $ 10.04 billion – 20.4 percent of all DeFi devices, per data by DeFi Pulse. It has fallen 71 percent from its highest of $ 665.91 and is currently trading at $ 191.74.

Ghost Price Charts June 22nd

Like Bitcoin, AAVE benefits from being a leader in DeFi. This means that it is in a good place to benefit when a rebound occurs and coins return to profitability. It also benefits from being connected to a platform with a solid usage – Ghost has been the DeFi leader from the beginning.

4. Binance money (BNB)

The Binance Coin (BNB) is the internal symbol of Binance, the largest stock exchange in the world. The logo has been one of the most impressive encryption tools so far and has been ingested mainly because of the Binance links.

However, the BNB has also benefited from the increased use of Binance Smart Chain.

As application developers continue to see challenges in the Ethereum blockchain, Binance Smart Chain has been one of the latest competitors. The increased introduction of Smart Chain means that the value of the BNB will increase.

In addition, the BNB has already become the world’s largest cryptographic asset in terms of market value.

The year 2021 of the asset has been in line with the stars, although it has fallen 62 percent from its all-time high of $ 691.3.

Binance Coin price chart on June 22nd

There are a couple of things to consider when looking for the right cryptocurrency to buy.

You need to consider the future of the coin and what its developers are doing or planning to create with it. High-capacity assets also tend to help investors because they have the highest values ​​and lead to a charge as the market indexes back to recovery.

The BNB’s technical data is quite strong, especially with its Relative Strength Index (RSI) of 31.6 – indicating that it has been seriously bought below. It’s a great resource to recharge as you prepare for bigger profits.

5. Theta fuel

Theta Fuel is a Theta Network – blockchain-based video delivery service ID. Theta allows users to view content and share videos with other users. They, in turn, deserve tokens.

Like many tokens, TFUEL has been in decline since May, when it hit $ 0.68. With a current price weight of $ 0.42, the property is trading at 38 percent of an all-time high – not bad considering how many others have fallen

ThetaFuel price charts on June 22nd

TFUEL is a very promising project – the past has shown it. There’s also a lot of excitement when the Theta network is set to launch on Mainnet 3.0 on June 30th. Like many platform IDs, increased deployment should see a TFUEL wave.

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