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Xiaomi is new technology is being considered to allow smartphones and other devices to be charged using audio.

By Live Mint, the company filed a patent with the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) describing a system that uses mechanisms for storing energy, as well as a voice charger that can use smartphones.

How does it work: the charger converts the vibrations of the sound waves into an alternative current, which is then converted to direct current to charge the devices.

this is not the first charging technology recently released by a Chinese smartphone manufacturer. Last month, it introduced it HyperCharge technologythat the smartphone battery was from 0 percent to 100 percent in just eight minutes.

Back in January it also launched AirCharge technology, which allowed devices to be charged remotely. As per Live Mint, the company said the charger ‘s built – in antennas are able to “accurately identify the location of a smartphone before transmitting millimeter – wide waves directly through beamforming.”

Although a smartphone technology is advancing year by year, charging technology has not changed so much since the first smartphone was released. With Xiaom’s new developments in this field of technology, it may sooner or later be that a completely unique way to charge portable devices enters the market.

[via Live Mint, cover image via Shutterstock]



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