Replication is nothing new with the latest features and tools in social applications, but the speed of replication seems to be increasing, as many times just days between platforms announce a new addition and then a competitor app launches almost the same thing.

Today TikTok has announced launching a new feature called Jumps that allows content providers to connect to third-party-owned mini-programs and services for their video clips, including recipes, quizzes, and more.

In these screenshots, you will see the links that will be displayed as links. After tapping the links, users will then be taken to a selection of approved third-party experiences that users can add to their clips during the download process.

Which is very similar to Snapchat recent expansion of developer tools facilitates support for third-party applications in Spotlight, TikTok’s own version.

Snapchat spotlight

As you can see here, the Snapchat process is very similar, and users can link to additional third-party features in their short video clips.

I mean, Snapchat copies the Spotlight format from TikTok, so all bets are gone, I guess. But still, it’s a pretty quick twist on the copy feature.

To be fair, TikTok has been testing its jumps for a while, and an expanded set of factors is now set to enter the option. Launch partners include Whisk, Breathwrk, Wikipedia, Quizlet, StatMuseand Tabelog, kun BuzzFeed, Jump rope, IRLand Look will also release their own jumps in the coming weeks.

From movie reviews to beauty guides, we’re excited to expand TikTok Jump to new verticals and use cases, and we look forward to seeing how our Creators take advantage of these new gadgets in their content. “

Not all users can add jumps to their clips right away, although TikTok notes that it opens up wider access to the option over time.

In addition to this, TikTok also gives developers more access to their Jumps authoring program, which allows it to add creative options to your TikTok clips.

“HTML5 compatibility and low technical integration make Jumps easy for service providers to build and deploy. TikTok Jumps use cases are almost limitless, and we look forward to working with selected service providers to build innovative jumps to help deliver educational and entertaining content. Our community needs it.”

It could help TikTok add more attractive tools while providing developers with a way to promote their applications to TikTok’s growing number of dedicated users. Which, in turn, is the same temptation that Snap uses, and both apps aimed at younger users will be interesting to see how these new additions evolve and which will ultimately be a better driver for these additional features.

Developers can learn more about Jumps here.


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