Over billion users a month (and counts!) TikTok is great for businesses and content producers looking to reach new audiences.

But without a TikTok timer, it can be difficult to constantly post content that resonates with your ideal customer.

With later ones TikTok schedule tools, you can streamline your workload, save time, and schedule your TikToks in advance.

And best of all? It is available free of charge and in all new paid plans. Keep scrolling to learn how to level up your TikTok strategy.

Why should you schedule your TikTok video?

Social media is about building community – and the key to creating a community in TikTok is consistent.

But without a solid plan, you may find yourself spending a lot of time and energy creating last minute videos.

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When you schedule your TikTok messages in advance, you streamline content design and never forget to send.

With an effective mailing strategy, you can reach more eyes and grow your community – win!

Are you ready to raise your TikTok strategy? Manage TikTok videos in one easy-to-use control panel – so you can save time and get more views of your content.

Scheduling TikTok videos later

Scheduling TikTok videos later can be done in five easy steps – email in an instant!

Step 1: Add your TikTok profile to a later account

Adding your TikTok profile to a later account is a quick and easy process.

In Calendar view, add your TikTok profile by clicking the plus (+) sign at the top of the page:

And voila, you can now schedule your videos!

Step 2: Select the video you want to upload to TikTok

Drag and drop content from your media library to your calendar:

TikTok timer

TIP: Save time by scheduling multiple profiles at once with a multi-profile message.

Step 3: Crop and trim the video for TikTok

TikTok videos can be up to 60 seconds long, and we recommend a 9:16 aspect ratio (similar to a cell phone display). This way, your TikToks will be optimized for optimal viewing.

To edit the video size, tap Edit and select TikTok crop.

To adjust the length of the video, select the Trim tool.

How to schedule your TikTok video later

ENTRY: You can still use all of TikTok’s great editing features when it’s time to upload!

Step 4: Add captions and hashtags

Write subtitles and Include strategic hashtags to maximize the reach of your message.

Press “Save” and your message will be scheduled at the time you selected.

Later TikTok timer

TIP: Use Later Saved captions feature to save the most used hashtags so you can quickly add them to your posts.

Step 5: Send TikTok

When it’s time to send a message, you’ll receive a notification through Later’s mobile app.

Not using the mobile app yet? Download it iOS or Android to get started.

Next, click the notification to open the Later application. TikTok videos are automatically saved to your camera roll, and the caption is copied to the clipboard.

Timing of TikTok videos

Open TikTok and follow the instructions to upload your video in a few clicks.

How to schedule TikTok later

TIP: You can also plan and schedule your videos in the Later mobile app (not just via the desktop)!

Step # 6 (Bonus): Add links to the TikTok bio

When you schedule your videos in advance, you can also take advantage of later videos TikTok Linkin.bio tool.

With the linkin.bio tool, the TikTok feed becomes a clickable, mobile-optimized landing page that allows you to attach a specific link to each scheduled video.

This way, you can direct followers to websites, event signups, blog posts, or long-form video content.

Reviews are: Find out what users are saying

We asked a few subsequent customers to test the TikTok timer and share their feedback.

Here is what they had to say:

  • It’s really convenient follow my schedule on all social media platforms and make sure I am stay consistent everywhere. I also like that I can use the same content on multiple social media platforms. “- Alison, founder, @Helsinki
  • “I can see all our social content in one place, I’ve given it to me design visually our social media calendar more efficiently. “- Kaycee, social media expert, 4Ocean

And you have it – thanks to Later’s TikTok timer, brands were able to be more consistent, visually design their content, and grow their community.

So, what are you waiting for? start schedule your TikTox in advance Later today – available for free and in all new paid packages!

Written by

Monique Thomas

Monique is a Later content marketer who loves helping brands define their voices and content strategies. You can usually find him sipping a match or adding another book to his ever-growing TBR list. Say hello on Instagram – @suomimeemi


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