John Shehata is Condé Nast’s Director of Audience Development Strategy and Customer Relationship Management. John also founded, An SEO software toolkit for publishers. But most importantly, John is an SEO veterinarian over 20 years old with a deep passion for news SEO. We talked for quite some time, but the discussion went very quickly. Honestly, we don’t even prepare in time for topics, we just moved from topic to topic naturally. It was one of my smoother vlogs for a while, but it often happens when the person you’re talking to is passionate about the topic.

The first part, we talked a little early days of news SEO but into the two we went how to rank in google news, SEO news and how valuable Google Discover is to publishers. Then in the third part we talked more about his called product NewzDash and if publishers continue to use Google AMP after updating the page experience. Finally, in section four, we focus primarily on how others in search marketing can advance in their careers.

You can learn more about John LinkedIn and Twitter @JShehata.

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