Live Tweets are a great way to keep your followers engaged and interested in ”

around the brand. By sharing an event-specific event or being part of an event based around your brand, anyone interested who can’t attend can feel part of what’s going on. Think of yourself as a live journalist and pass on all the details to your enthusiastic audience. Sharing live tweets is a fun way to break up your regular content and open a conversation between you and your brand followers.

Prepare for the event

When you post live tweets, your job is to follow the event and provide constant updates to your followers. This requires quite a bit of preparation to be able to go without difficulty. You should always:

  • Know exactly which accounts are participating or where the event is focused
  • Ask for some tweets at the beginning of the event
  • Keep ready-made graphics ready for the event
  • Do you have a general idea of ​​the event schedule, visiting visitors, etc.

Live Tweet reactions

You never know what might happen in live tweeting, so it’s important to be prepared to go with the flow and react organically in real time with your followers. Don’t be afraid to embrace the chaos of the event and share your reaction on social media. People want to know what you are experiencing and feel in conversation with you. Wait for the unexpected when tweeting live and join! Your audience will appreciate your authenticity when it comes to sharing your feelings about the event.

Create a hashtag

Creating a custom brand hashtag lets your audience stay up to date on your live tweets easily. This will also help you be aware of any tweets sent in connection with your tweets or the event you are following. Incorporating a personal hashtag with live tweets can even help that topic start the trend on Twitter, inviting more and more people to your profile and product page.

Always remember, live tweets are a great way raise awareness, raise engagement levels and open the conversation to followers or others interested in the event or brand!

Did you know? 500 million tweets are sent daily. That’s 6,000 tweets per second.

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