How much does it cost to develop Chatbot?

Chatbots are smart tools that interact and respond to customer queries like people. These save a lot of time and money invested in providing 24 * 7 customer service.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP)and Machine language (ML) languages, Chatbot applications interpret user queries instantly and respond in seconds. In addition, the intelligent intelligence of robots recognizes the emotions behind the user’s messages and produces a corresponding response.

An online survey finds that by the end of 2021, more than 80% of companies are expected to deploy chatbots. Therefore, chat robots are in high demand especially in e-commerce, healthcare, financial, insurance, travel and telecom industries.

Types of chatbot applications

It is important to differentiate the types of chatbots on the market so that you can choose the right one for your business. Listed here are three main types of chatbots that are best integrated with existing ones mobile applications or web-based applications.

These are advanced chatbots that use Artificial intelligence and machine learning for self-learning. The bots update the response system regularly depending on previous discussions. They guarantee better customer satisfaction and provide a people-centered conversation experience.

Rule-based chat bots use if / then logic to provide help to users in clarifying queries. These bots identify specific keywords in user questions and validate them with many other questions and predefined answers so that answers can be given to users accurately.

  • Menu or button based chat bots

The structure of this type of chatbot is quite simple and is widely used for its simplicity. These bots provide users with several options in the form of menus or buttons and respond according to the user’s choice. However, these bots deceive users when the mentioned options do not match the query.

The best features of fast-response artificial intelligence Chatbot applications

The features of the application are based on the needs of companies. In this section, we have listed the basic features that every company strives to incorporate into their chat robots.

Keep an easy-to-use interface or application design that can make your chat bots more attractive and appealing to customers.

  • Maturity of conversation with NLP

Chatbots understand user queries or conversation and provide accurate answers using natural language processing (NLP) technology.

  • Chatbot and emotional concentration (EQ)

Emotion-based quotient (EQ) is an integral part of artificial intelligence chat robots. It helps the bot identify emotions and tone in the customer survey and react appropriately like people. Therefore, this feature provides customers with a personal user experience.

chatbot development features

Tracking the location of customers helps chatbots provide more relevant answers during a conversation. For example, they can give users the contact number of a sales manager at a nearby branch.

  • Feel free to explore solutions

Chatbots are able to research extensive information and find relative answers to customer problems. It can analyze existing solutions from different sources to send accurate answers.

  • Integration of payment systems

This feature is suitable for creating secure payment methods for e-commerce chat bots.

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The benefits of chatbot interaction for your business

  • Better customer experience

The ultimate advantage of chatbots is that they respond 24 * 7 immediately and guarantee a better customer experience.

In addition to answering questions, robots automate the end-to-end sales process. Chatbots are a brand approach to strengthening relationships with customers. By analyzing consumer purchasing patterns and search patterns, marketplace discussion robots generate referrals for companies. In this way, they help companies engage customers and make more sales.

  • Insight into customer behavior

Businesses can gain valuable insight into customer behavior from chatbot conversations. Based on customer surveys, companies can identify which products are more in demand in the market. It helps to develop market strategies to promote products and also to optimize chatbot content to provide the best answers.

Use cases of artificial intelligence chat robots in business

You can book or schedule an appointment automatically Artificial intelligence bots. When users book an appointment, it creates an event and sends reminders to both the customer and the business representative. These bots are also available in the travel, recruitment and entertainment industries.

  • Customer Support Chatbots

Customer support is a basic service of chat robots, and these types of chat robots can be found on every website. Features like availability, live chat and quick response make them an ideal tool for customer service.

  • Chatbot use cases in marketing

To generate leads, collect customer emails, and simplify product prices for customers, most companies use chat bots through their marketing channels.

These smart chat pots enhance audience engagement by providing personalized recommendations for events, programs, and movies.

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The cost of developing an AI Chatbot application

Now that you know all the benefits and uses of chatbots, it’s time to check the cost of building a chatbot app for your business. The estimated cost of developing a bot with minimal functionality will cost about $ 30,000-80,000.

Estimated costs may vary depending on the application platform (Android, iOS, Windows), the application interface, application properties, the size of the development team, and the location of the mobile app developers you selected.


Chatbots are exciting and innovative tools for updating your customer experience. These give users instant answers and attract them like people.

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