by Sayantani Sanyal
June 21, 2021

A glimpse through the top technical stocks invest in technology enthusiasts.

The big technology industry is booming. Although the coronavirus pandemic destroyed world markets last year, technical stocks the market proved a huge trek.

Technology companies are constantly innovating and developing new technologies to combat current conditions, ensuring that customers get the best experience.

The world economy is now recovering. Technical equipment tariff have fluctuated widely over the last 12 months; it has also attracted several new investors during this period. So here’s a list of high-tech stocks that investors can buy in June 2021.

  • Microsoft: Microsoft Corp (MSFT), has been one of the most popular stocks among investors interested in technology stocks. Based on what Microsoft can offer the buyer, Microsoft has been dominant in the market. The company is constantly developing and strengthening its technology based on it artificial intelligence, machine learningand gaming. Over the past year, Microsoft shares have risen 60%. Wall Street analysts have been critical of the value of the company’s stock, but have seen it as a strong buy.
  • Sales force: 2020 was a successful year for (CRM). The company worked tremendously to connect business owners and customers around the world, which has led to a sudden rise in its value in store According to Q4 and full year taxation results By 2021, the company has performed well in the stock market and benefited tremendously from the Covid-19 crisis. The company raised about $ 21 billion a year revenue in 2021 and is expected to grow up to 22% this year.
  • Apple: Apple has seen great profits over the past year. According to the recent Q1 report, which ended on December 26, 2020, the company confirmed new large revenues of $ 111.4 billion, up 21% from prior year revenue. The company has always presented the needs of its customers and continuously developed technology to meet the demands of the market. Apple’s electric car project this year has attracted the attention of several investors and customers, and its value is expected to grow further in the technology stock market.
  • DXC Technology Co: The company provides IT services and products. It specializes in both on-site and technical modernization of cloud services and serves more than 6,000 customers worldwide. The Flemish government has granted the company the extension of a new seven-year IT contract and will maintain and maintain the main IT services of its plant, including the hybrid cloud
  • PTC Inc .: PTC Inc is one of the fastest growing technology stocks in the market. The company serves its customers by providing software and technology services. It works with manufacturers to enhance the efficiency of its tools and applications by integrating augmented reality and also uses the Internet of Things (IoT), computer-aided design (CAD), product lifecycle management (PLM) technologies, and more. the quality of these applications. PTC Inc. has a market capitalization $ 15.5 billion at $ 131.75.
  • Paypal Holdings: Paypal is known in the industry for its digital financial services. As the coronavirus pandemic has forced companies and customers to move towards contactless transactions, the use of digital financial services and transactions has increased tremendously. Paypal has benefited tremendously during the pandemic. In the first 2021, it generated revenues of $ 6.03 billion. While the technology stock market is volatile, investing in a digital finance company would be of immense benefit to investors.

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