Google announced the release of a new creative advertising tool called Ads Creative Studio, which aims to combine several creative tools.

Ads Creative Studio includes the following tools:

  • Director Mix (a tool that allows brands to create large-scale video content that was not previously available to all advertisers.)
  • Dynamic display and HTML5 tools
  • Audio Mixer and Dynamic Audio tools
  • Project library

What does this change mean?

The purpose of this change is to facilitate the construction of multiple content sections.

Ads Creative Studio has separate libraries for content items. Think of these as ad building blocks and a project library where content producers work together to create ads.

Thanks to the property library, it is designed to improve asset management. It can let one team manage raw materials while another uses them to create ads.

Similarly, one team could use raw resources to make display ads, while another would use them to make YouTube ads, and keeping everything in one place would make it easier to ensure that everyone is using the same approved set of content.


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Teams with strict brand guidelines, branding and creative teams may want to create complete assets and then transfer them to the media team. The beauty of this tool is that because it is separate from media platforms and tools, it should have little risk of allowing creative managers to modify permissions. In that scenario, they hand over the ads to the media team for execution once they are finalized.

Ads can also be used on any project once they have been created.

Ads Creative Studio Project Library

Designed to increase collaboration

Ads Creative Studio is designed to enhance collaboration between creative and media teams.


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Teams can work collaboratively with models, implement design rules, and implement quality assurance processes with a new tool.

How do I enable ads?

Once created, ads can be exported to Google Ads, Display & Video 360, and Campaign Manager 360.

Export Google Ads from Creative Studio

The future of creating with Google

In addition to the new tool, Google has announced that Create with Google has merged with Think with Google. Now all the insights of content producers and media teams are hosted in one place.


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