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Terrence Floyd, George Floyd’s brother, along with others, emphasizes that the task of racial justice and inclusion is not over. To commemorate the anniversary and commemorate the lives of the unfairly deported black people, new late Floyd statues were erected over U.S. cities.

On saturday Terrence Floyd unveiled his six-foot-long brother at the Juneteenth Rally outside the Brooklyn Public Library. Created by the artist Chris Carnabuci, the sculpture is assembled by hand into pieces of plywood, each of which has been cut with 3D modeling software and CNC equipment.

Last wednesday Newark Mayor Ras Baraka unveiled a 700-pound bronze statue of George Floyd outside City Hall. Floyd is depicted sitting on the other side of the bench, his arms outstretched over the shoulder sitting next to him. Baraka described the man as a symbol “much more than he is at this point in history,” he said USA today.

Monuments was introduced a year after the hectic march of black lives federal sculptures poured. Floyd was killed on Minneapolis Police Memorial Day last year in response to protests across the country.

“My brother was a victim, so I must continue to pay attention and keep my big brother’s name ringing in everyone’s ears, ”said his brother Terrence Floyd streaming.

[via USA Today, images via various sources]



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