Shopify Now Allows Site Owners To Edit Their Robots.txt Files, Shopify CEO Tobi Lutke ad via Twitter on Friday. For Shopify sites, the robots.txt file can be edited through the robots.txt.liquid theme template.

Why we care

Robots.txt files tell search engines which pages of your site they can access. Although this is a basic feature, some SEOs and Shopify merchants have been years of waiting to receive this ability. “Robots.txt was our most requested SEO feature and we believe opening access to edit this file will allow store owners to control how their content is crawled,” said Jackson Lo, head of SEO, growth at Shopify, at Search Engine Land. Now Shopify store owners can edit their robots.txt files to prohibit crawling of certain URLs, add additional sitemap URLs, block crawlers, and more.

Learn more about Shopify SEO

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