If your business is trying to incorporate data analytics into its day-to-day work, you need to get users to use analytics tools. The direction forward is not very complicated. The solution you choose must follow an advanced method of analysis that includes simple search analytics, starting with Google search. Natural Language Processing (NLP) and NLP Search Tools are key to this approach because they allow business users to ask simple questions and get answers. If a user does not need to create complex queries or ask business analysts, data scientists, or IT professionals, that user can include information in information sharing, reporting, presentations, and recommendations to management.

The Clickless Analytics environment means that users can create a query by asking a question, just as they would when connected. ‘Which vendor sold the most bakery products in Colorado in April 2019?’ It’s just that simple. You don’t have to select columns or look for the right information. Don’t expect your business users to embrace data democratization and support data literacy if they don’t understand how to use tools or what analytics means. Some solutions produce detailed results, but they are in a format that is difficult to understand, or they provide mountains of detail without giving any information about the data.

The key to digital conversion is to provide a) an easy-to-use solution that integrates with other systems, software, and databases to get an overview of the data, b) an easy-to-use solution that provides recommendations, suggestions, guidance, and NLP search technology to meet the needs of the average business user, and c) users can learn about algorithms, predictive analytics, and analytical techniques by providing guidance and support in choosing the right visualization technique and analytical technique to build user data on a solid foundation without frustrating the user.

As users, their managers, and the company benefit from the benefits of these tools and technologies, the business user becomes a master of knowledge literacy and is happy to embrace new tools and roles. If it makes their job easier and if it gives them positive feedback about their role, they are bound to see the benefits.

If you want to encourage your business users to deploy and leverage Unclicked Analytics approach to NLP search analytics, you need to ensure that added analytics the solution you choose is suitable for the average business user AND produces the clarity and results you need. Contact us to get started. Read the article,



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