Among the more than ten thousand cryptocurrencies on the market, top-level cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have recently declined in their pricing, they have a growing experience of holding and increasing value over time. In addition to an effective duo, many other cryptocurrencies are also thriving in the market.

Analytics Insight will list the top ten current cryptocurrency prices on June 20, 2021

Bitcoin- $ 35,526.41 (down 0.52 %%)

Ethereum- $ 2192.56 (down 7.15%)

Binding – $ 1 (up 0.05%)

Binance – $ 335.28 (down 1.35%)

Cardano – US $ 1.4 (down 4.02%)

Dogecoin- $ 0.282 (down 9.52%)

XRP- $ 0.7519 (down 1.67%)

USD coin – 1 USD (increase of 0.06%)

Polkadot- $ 20.26 (down 1.61%)

Uniswap – $ 20.10 (down 4.15%)

By CoinMarketCap, the total cryptographic product market over the past 24 hours is $ 1.48 trillion, down 1.13%.

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