Perhaps the thing that has occupied you is the reputation you have earned for your reliability.

Ironically, this very large activity could destroy your reputation. This is one of the reasons why so many service providers stumble once they start to gain traction.

There are two things you can do before the crisis hits:

First, say “no”. A lot. The gigs you would have taken when you were wrestling might not be the gigs you should take now. Your reputation for reliability earns you more confidence, and that confidence invites you to work with better clients and on better projects. The cost (advantage) of this is that you will have to turn down opportunities that you would have been willing to seize a short time ago.

Second, tell the truth. It’s difficult at first, especially since our conception of self might have been built around independence and invulnerability. But being reliable doesn’t mean being perfect. It means to be clear.

Two currencies that could help:

“You will pay a lot, but you will get more than what you paid for. “


“Our secret is that we don’t lie to get the project.”


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