The Max 10 just before landing at Boeing Field.


Boeingthe last airliner of the made its first flight when the company 737 Max 10 landed at Boeing Field near Seattle on Friday afternoon. The 2.5-hour flight over Washington state begins the process of certifying the aircraft, which is expected to enter passenger service by 2023.

In a statement, the pilot of the 737, Captain Jennifer Henderson said the 737 Max 10 is working wonderfully: “The profile we went through allowed us to test the aircraft’s systems, flight controls and handling skills, all of which went exactly as we expected.”

The largest and the fourth member of the Family 737 Max, the Max 10 can accommodate 204 people in a typical configuration and was built to compete with the Airbus A321neo. Like the other Max versions, it brings a redesigned and more spacious passenger cabin, quieter, cleaner engines and better fuel efficiency.

The Max 10 first deployed from the Boeing plant in Renton, Washington, in November 2019, eight months after all Max aircraft have been grounded around the world following two crashes that killed a combined total of 346 people. Although the aircraft is equipped with the MCAS flight control system which has been blamed for accidents, all Max 10 will have the repairs mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration when it lifted the detention order in November.

The successful flight comes as Boeing is working on both restore public confidence in the Max and overcome criticism of how she and the FAA certified the first Max aircraft in 2016. Although some airlines canceled their MAX orders during the grounding, sales have started to rebound and Boeing looking for owners for unsold aircraft.

Boeing has nearly 500 orders for the Max 10 from airlines such as United Airlines, Copa Airlines and Virgo Australia. First introduced in 1968, the 737 family still holds the record for the best-selling commercial aircraft in history, with more than 10,500 aircraft delivered to hundreds of airlines around the world.

Comparison of the 737 Max family

737 Max 7

737 Max 8

737 Max 9

737 Max 10

First flight





Length (in feet)






About 153

About 178

About 193

About 204


3,850 nautical miles

3,550 nautical miles

3,550 nautical miles

3,300 nautical miles


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