The LEGO Super Mario collection has been a success since its launch, especially with sets like LEGO Luigi up for grabs. Now LEGO appears to expand this lineup to include the awesome new set of airships from Super Mario Bowser.

The set includes 1,152 pieces in total and, of course, includes Mario and Luigi figures. Although Bowser himself doesn’t appear to be present on the ship (he’s probably inside, awaiting a final boss battle), he left a few other formidable enemies on the deck to guard the airship, including a pirate. Goomba and a Magikoopa.

Children playing with the LEGO set

The ship is over 14 inches long when built and is filled with tricky obstacles that will need to be navigated with care. On the side of the ship, you will see cannons ready to detonate anyone who dares to approach the ship. The front of the airship is perhaps the best part, however, as it features a super cool LEGO version of Bowser’s intimidating face.

As with the Lego Luigi set, the information for this set was originally found on Amazon (or Amazon Australia, in this case); there is still no official listing for the set on the LEGO site. The link was originally shared on 9to5Toys but no longer works; however, that did not stop a fleet of YouTubers already upload videos discussing the set.

Rumor has it that the set will likely cost around $ 99.99 and be available for purchase starting August 1. If so, we’ll likely hear official details from LEGO in the coming weeks.

Going through 9to5Toys


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