The combination of clear eye focus, in-depth analysis, and conscious, hands-on guidance provides Robotics Week participants with the critical information they need to develop, program, deploy, and manage commercial-grade robotics systems with great confidence.

The WTWH Media Robotics Team must announce a new class of resources – without space and time constraints – specifically designed for delivery to engineers, technical managers, robotics end users, business development professionals and others, informed analysis and operational guidance, and requiring the construction and deployment of commercial robotics systems. faster and easier.

Robotics Week The program consists of three sets of digital events, each running over a week, focusing on key issues and enabling technologies in robotics. Robotics Week sessions are delivered live online and are also available upon request:

Joint Robotics Week

Joint Robotics Week (September 7-10)Joint Robotics Week the sessions provide a snapshot of the current state of the robotics collaboration sector, including new features, powerful enabling technologies, and new business models that enable collaboration robots and insights into the future. Analyze new collaborative approaches to robotics for common industrial tasks such as machine handling, trash and pallet unloading, as well as new ways in which collaborative robots add value to different industries.

Robotics Design Week

Robot Design Week (October 5-8) – The complexity of developing robotics systems, combined with the endless crushing of technological innovations, has hampered innovation and slowed down the release of robotics products. This, in turn, has jeopardized companies – both start-ups and mature companies. Robotics Design Week includes key topics and panels that deliver leading thinkers in robotics and automation and address key issues for today’s commercial robotics developers.

Mobile Robotics Week

Autonomous Mobile Robot Week (November 16-19)Autonomous mobile robotics week is specifically designed to meet the challenges of selecting, deploying and managing AMR and to reduce the burden. The program’s individual sessions are specifically designed to provide the informed, authoritative insights and recommendations that leading AMR solution providers provide. Also on display are representatives of companies that have met the challenge of implementing AMR and are now reaping the benefits of flexible automation enabled by intelligent, mobile robotic systems.

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