It has bothered me in recent years that both Google and the mainstream media seem to be under-represented in Google’s main revenue factor, main product and service. I see the media and Google talking about almost everything about Google, outside of the core search topics.

So when John Mueller from Google picked it up in this latest podcast, I thought I’d write about it. John, with a podcast mark of about 42 seconds, highlighted why Google search is generally underrepresented in Google I / O. I wonder the same. I also wonder why if Google makes a change to say how Google Assistant works, it gets so much more playback from the media than if Google changes the way kernel search works. I mean, Google Assistant is important, but people use search more than Assistant.

John said:

One thing I always notice in I / O is – or I don’t know, not always, but every now and then I notice – that the search seems to be more than a page theme there. And I think that makes sense, because there are only so many things around Google developers that Search is, just like a small part of everything around Google. But it – I don’t know – it feels like maybe we should be a little more present, or what do you think, Martin, Gary, should the search be more visible in I / O?

Gary quickly joked “I don’t think so.” But Martin Splitt pointed out that Google I / O is mostly developer-driven, not consumer-centric. Google search is at the heart of consumer focus. Yes, there are developer considerations, and often Google hosts sessions in I / O. But Google Cloud, Tensor Flow, etc., for example, get more attention with I / O because they are developer-driven.

Then, as a fun jack of I / O, John said he tried to do some searches to find the content featured in I / O, but because the I / O site wasn’t search-friendly, not much came up. 🙂

But I always wonder why the big media covers all the small Google feeds on topics not related to search, but when Google releases the big one, let’s say a core update and confirm it, no one covers it. These key updates affect businesses and change what people see in search. This affects applicants even if they do not realize it. The companies affected can be hugely hit. I’m surprised that big media doesn’t cover core search changes and feature changes any more, as it touches most of the world (everyone uses Google for search) and has a huge impact on online businesses. Hell, even big business can see their rankings fall and, as a result, drop in online sales, which could then affect the earnings report next quarter.

Again, it is surprising that the big media does not pay more attention to this space. Maybe our narrow-minded blogs got it handled well enough?

Here is the video where this conversation took place, it starts pretty soon, in 45 seconds:

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