Patterning – Browse this list of interaction design templates.
An example from Patttterns

Do not use custom CSS mouse cursors – Why custom cursors are detrimental to the usability of your website.
Example of Do not use custom CSS mouse cursors

Thumbnail floating effect with SVG filters – Learn the secrets behind the simple thumbnail fluidization effect by distorting the SVG filter.
Example with Thumbnail Hover Effect with SVG filters

Fabius – a free continue WordPress theme – A free one-page resume theme that would be perfect for any digital professional’s personal portfolio.
Fabius - a free continue WordPress theme

How to get rid of a failed creative idea – There are a million excuses to avoid the necessary choices and sacrifices to really succeed. How do you know if you are legal?
An example of how to get rid of a failed creative idea

Bootstrap 5 portfolio model – Download a copy of this beautiful model using the latest version of Bootstrap.
Example of a Bootstrap 5 portfolio model

WordPress plug-ins: what they say about the future – The market for WordPress plug-ins has recently seen considerable consolidation. What does it all mean?
An example of WordPress plug-in purchases: what they say about the future

A4 invoice – Free responsive invoice template for use with Figman.
Example of an A4 invoice form

Principles of visual design in UX – Reminder of the basics of visual design principles.
An example of the principles of visual design in UX

Should Web Designers Be Concerned About Competition? – The competition in the web design industry is unique. For this reason, you should take the time to learn from other design companies.
Example: Should web designers be concerned about competition?

Material Tailwind Kit React – Download this free and open source interface package based on two popular front-end technologies.
Example of material Tailwind Kit React

Top 20 JavaScript Tips to Improve Speed ​​and Efficiency – Convenient and useful techniques to optimize development work.
Example of the 20 most popular JavaScript tips to increase speed and efficiency

Button scam sheet – There are many ways to activate the button. But which one should you choose?
Example of a button scam page

Health icon – A collection of free, open source icons for use in your projects.
Example of a health icon

Glassmorphism CSS effect generator – Create your own stunning glass effect, copy the code and be on your way!
Example of Glassmorphism CSS Effect Generator

25 beautifully designed examples of brand presentation – We have compiled beautifully designed examples of brand presentation to inspire you.
Example 25 of a beautifully designed example of brand presentation

Release – A simple macOS application that performs text recognition on code snippets.
Example of Unfreeze

COLORS. – This tool allows you to explore and find the right colors for your project.
Example: COLORS.

Preliminary design – Print a device model and start sketching your ideas.
An example of Predesign

Portfolio Air Free WordPress theme – Free, lightweight portfolio WordPress theme for ads with a clean, minimal style and a smooth user experience.
Portfolio Air theme


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