• Thomas Webster, a former NYPD officer, has been charged with assaulting police during the Capitol Riot.
  • New body camera video obtained by CNN shows Webster berating the officer and waving a flag pole.
  • He can be seen swinging the pole before charging and tackling the officer to the ground.
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New body camera images released Thursday show a former member of the New York Police Department attacking a policeman in Washington, DC, during the Capitol Uprising on January 6.

The images, obtained by CNN, shows Thomas Webster waving a flag pole while assaulting the police, eventually charging and tackling an officer to the ground. Webster is a retired NYPD police officer and former Marine.

He was charged in February with several counts, including using a flag pole to assault a police officer, The Insider Charles Davis reported. He pleaded not guilty to all counts. The video captures what was described in the criminal complaint. It shows Webster, who is wearing a red jacket, berating an officer and calling him “shit” and “commie”.

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Webster can then be seen pushing aggressively against the barricade and swinging the metal flagpole as the police struggle to hold him and the others back. The officer is able to pull the flagpole away from him, at which point Webster can be seen charging the officer and pinning him to the ground.

The complaint stated that Webster had pushed the metal gate into the officer and repeatedly hit him with the flagpole. It also featured footage from other angles of Webster attacking the officer and attempting to remove his face mask and protective gear, which the complaint claims caused the officer to suffocate.

A judge ordered the Justice Department to release the footage after court challenges by multiple media outlets, including CNN. Prosecutors have used body camera footage, surveillance footage and more in court cases, but some of them have not been made public.


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