COVID-19 affected the lives and economies of many Americans as they sought ways to survive and save money. When digital adoption soared during home orders during a pandemic, many businesses had to serve consumers differently.

During this time, the United States accelerated its digital roadmap as the pandemic acted as an innovation incubator and found new ways to serve its members in a rapidly evolving world. These new solutions help keep USA members safe and ultimately save them with technology and automation.

Security and savings in the hands of members

To follow increased demand for members To get more personal car insurance, the USAA recently announced this intends to acquire insurtech company Noblr, Inc. to provide usage-based insurance to its members.

In addition, the USAA behavior-based application SafePilot will be launched in most states in 2021, allowing more members to save up to 30% on their auto insurance through safe driving. SafePilot gives members better control over their insurance costs by creating individual pricing and increasing opportunities for savings. Enrollment increased by more than 200% in 2020, and in May 2021, more than half of new policyholders enrolled in SafePilot for the third consecutive month. Check SafePilot eligibility here.

The USAA recently began using the HOVER app, which allows smartphones to capture external measurements and derive 3D models from a home image series. The traditional inspection process can take hours for a trained controller, but with HOVER technology it can be completed in minutes. For example, it can take up to four hours to receive air roof measurements; HOVER can submit roof measurement reports in 30 minutes. Eventually, this technology is given directly to members for self-service, if desired.

Combined home: water loss detection
Water claims due to disasters are the most frequently filed property insurance policies. Together with Resideo, USAA is making member discounts for those who use the company’s Wi-Fi water leak detector at home. These devices can be installed near the devices, and if a leak is detected, the user will be notified.

New and improved services

Using telematics for automatic claimsTM: Crash detection
In 2020, the USAA announced the launch of Automatic Telematic Capability Requirements (TEAC)TM). TEAC uses SafePilot telematics data to expedite claims processing, allowing for a more seamless member experience and faster resolution of claims. The level of automatic claims is still below pre-pandemic levels, but is expected to change in the coming months to the new school year. Although fewer minor accidents occur than in the past, the severity has also increased, accelerating the next phase of TEAC, proactive collision detection. USAA plans to launch a crash detection experience application this year.

Augmented reality riding along
In 2019, the USAA completed a pilot in which field controllers were given augmented reality (AR) glasses that allowed their leaders to see what the controllers saw and provide real-time feedback during physical inspections. The pilot eliminates 160 hours of travel time for four controllers over three months. The USAA is now embarking on a production-level test cycle in which 250 pairs of AR-compliant glass are distributed to the controllers.

Life insurance enabling machine learning
The USAA is now using machine learning to digitize paper patient records and produce summaries for applicable life insurance policies. This results in a considerable reduction in time; If manual summaries lasted up to five days, machine learning has dropped to the day with better accuracy.

In addition, the USAA will continue to make progress blockchain location solution next to the state farm and the vehicle requires a machine learning solution together with Google Cloud to improve the compensation experience.


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