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Last years, Unilever – a global conglomerate of 400 household brands – has delivered its packaging and manufacturing processes good rinsing helps protect the earth. It is now launching new toothpaste tubes, hoping that all toothpaste tubes can be recycled by 2025.

From In France and India, Unilever’s largest market, the company is experimenting with sustainable toothpaste tube design that has been around for four years Yanko Design reports. It also shares the design with other companies, hoping to inspire active adoption in the industry. Because toothpaste is an essential everyday product, extensive packaging innovations can work wonders for the environment.

Toothpaste tubes are usually made of plastic, together with an aluminum lining to ensure flexibility and long service life. This will cost the planet because it would be difficult to recycle the pipes. Unilever’s solution is to use a material consisting primarily of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), “one of the world’s most widely recyclable plastics.”

220 microns, HPDE is also the thinnest plastic material used in the toothpaste industry Colgate, which has also started working with the component.

The pipes are compatible with standard HDPE recycling streams and can even be easily recycled by consumers.

Unilever says too that it works with recycling organizations around the world to ensure that post-consumer toothpaste tubes are properly managed. In France, for example, pipes can be collected from consumers’ household bins and packaged as new products.

The company is coming Start testing tubing under the oral care brand Signal before the model is released for Pepsodent and CloseUp devices in India by the end of the year.

[via Yanko Design, cover image via monticello / Shutterstock.com]



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