These stocks of artificial intelligence can take you through profits.

Technology has evolved over decades from the 1950s to 2021, things have changed drastically. Current trend Artificial intelligence conquer the current stock market. It has attracted numerous companies to adapt to the trend and driven investment towards its growing demand now and in the future. Investing in digital technology can generate huge revenue in the coming days. Ark Invest, an investment the management company evaluates it Artificial intelligence add $ 30 trillion to the world economy by 2037. Many companies are interested in using Artificial intelligence With smart email ratings, voice-to-text capabilities, smart personal assistants, auto-reply, and online customer support, it’s growing better in their businesses. This can be quite beneficial for investors looking to buy artificial intelligence stock.

Here are the top 10 AI companies to invest in right now.

1 Pinterest

Pinterest is a platform that allows users to search for images and sites to attach, upload, and share videos to collections called spreadsheets. The uniqueness of this site is that you can find ideas through images stored by the people and brands you follow. Digital technology like Artificial intelligence use this site to find suitable images without human intervention. It also offers personal learning experiences that appeal to users and brands.

Pinterest can grow in the long run, so ranking on this site can always be beneficial to investors. The company has a market capitalization of $ 43.7 billion. The global monthly active users of this site grew by nearly 30% during the year, rising from $ 478 million to $ 485 million.

Pinterest stocks in particular have fallen 25%, so this time seems perfect for you to invest in it.

2 Nvidia

Nvidia is a high-end chip manufacturer that designs graphics processor units for the professional gaming, mobile computing and automotive markets. This technology company uses Artificial intelligence cloud-specific support, cluster management, reasoning service, IO acceleration, networking, and virtual GPU. It is interesting to know that the company has spent about 20% of its sales on product development digital technology, which is twice as much as Apple.

Nvidia is leading the artificial intelligence market by increasing its sales and earnings per share by as much as 40% from 31% in the previous quarter. The acquisition of Arm Limited from SoftBank could also invest in high heights for Nvidia. The company has a market capitalization of $ 449.0 billion. Take this opportunity for you in store right now.

3 Taiwan semiconductor

Taiwan Semiconductor is also in a leading position Artificial intelligence stock market. The company manufactures integrated circuits for Nvidia together with other large technology companies. Taiwan’s semiconductors account for nearly 24% of the world’s semiconductors. HPC has grown 33% since 2020. This technology company is now looking for ways to meet demand. It announced a growing demand of USD 100 billion to support research and development digital technology in front. The company has grown by more than 22% per year over the past five years. It has a market capitalization of $ 565.8 billion.

4 DocuSign

DocuSign is a company that allows organizations to manage their electronic documents. It provides a way to sign electronically on different devices. Some investors did not illustrate how this technology company can accelerate, but it grew to $ 50 billion from April 2018. The company uses Artificial intelligence not only to assist companies but also to analyze contractual arrangements. It also uses sealing technology to compare critical clauses and terms in contracts and to identify risks and opportunities. The company’s net sales have doubled since 2018 digital technology. It has a market capitalization of $ 50.1 billion.

5 Microsoft

Microsoft is another company that takes advantage Artificial intelligence. The company uses artificial intelligence in its cloud businesses, which is highly dependent on artificial intelligence to deliver goods to various organizations, governments, companies and institutions.

Investors who want to take advantage of artificial intelligence stocks can invest in Microsoft because of its ongoing development over the years. The technology company has a market capitalization of $ 1.9 trillion and an annual growth rate of up to 3.9%.

6 Amazon

Amazon takes advantage Artificial intelligence in a good way. It uses artificial intelligence for voice-controlled technology, Amazon Go, Amazon Web Services. The company dominates the e-commerce market based on artificial technology. Drone Delivery would be another initiative of this technology company to deliver drones in the coming days. Amazon is using artificial intelligence to develop its infrastructure and grow its business. The company has a market capitalization of $ 1.7 trillion and an annual profit of 3.9%. So investing in Amazon stocks can be beneficial.

7 Axon Enterprise

Axon is the world’s leading supplier of energy equipment. The company also plans to develop software and sensors using artificial intelligence tools. The company’s revenue rose 28% to $ 681 million. Axon is a leader in the marketing of body cameras, law enforcement software and customer centers. Due to the increasing use of artificial intelligence in its business, it may be one of the investment options that will soon benefit.

8. User interface path

UI Path is a global software company for robotic processes and automation. The company helps its customers build artificial intelligence software robots that can learn about human behavior by training them to operate simple and complex business processes. UI Path also helped companies like Microsoft and Amazon help with their software. This technology company had revenue of approximately $ 186 million, up 65% in the first quarter.

9 IBM Corporation

IBM is a multinational company that has been a leading step forward in artificial intelligence technology for entrepreneurs and machine learning systems. The company has used artificial intelligence to simplify data collection, usability, systems analysis, integration and optimization across the entire business. IBM has a market capitalization of $ 18.31 billion.

10 Apple Inc.

Apple is a company that has used artificial intelligence technology improve the customer experience in many ways. Its well-known applications include face recognition, sleep tracking, application suggestions, and handwriting recognition. The company is also busy looking for ways to expand the use of artificial intelligence. It is estimated that Apple will soon double artificial intelligence research and development. The market value of this technology company is about $ 2.08 trillion.

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