Requests for Bitcoin $ 100,000 + are again tougher. The now-known cryptocurrency forecasts a BTC rate of $ 160,000 by the end of the year.


“Huge price explosion” for Bitcoin

Alex Mashinsky, a founding member, chairman and CEO of Celsius Network, is on the rise Bitcoin. The programmer and entrepreneur explains in a new video: He thinks it’s entirely possible that Bitcoin will reach as much as $ 160,000 this year.

Mashinsky To Michelle Makor, Editor-in-Chief of Kitco News:

“We could get up to $ 160,000 this year. I like this prediction.”

The famous inventor of VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) even talks about Bitcoin’s “huge price explosion” (available for purchase at eToro or Libertex) – based on the latest transfer from El Salvador to make Bitcoin a legal tender. Mashinsky:

“So if we get Brazil, if we get Nigeria, if we get large populations to accept this (Bitcoin) as a legal tender … we will see a huge price explosion because the introduction of all these users is huge creating new demand.”

It remains to be seen how the situation in El Salvador will develop and whether the countries will follow it. Last week, the Central American state passed a law that made Bitcoin a legal tender. Several authorities, including the IMF, seem to oppose this. For example, the World Bank is refusing to support El Salvador in integrating Bitcoin into its financial infrastructure, as Reuters said. The reason is Bitcoin’s “lack of environment and transparency”.

According to a World Bank spokesman, the organization remains forced to support El Salvador in currency regulation – not just its introduction. El Salvador’s Finance Minister Alejandro Zelaya had previously contacted the World Bank to introduce Bitcoin as a parallel currency to the dollar.


“Although the government has asked us for help with Bitcoin, the World Bank cannot support this in the face of environmental and transparency shortcomings.”

Were there sagging bitcoins from stock to stock?

Mashinsky’s rising $ 160,000 forecast is in line with the fact that the inventor of the famous Bitcoin stock-to-flow model, PlanB, also assumes that it Bitcoin six-digit rates to see. In a recent tweet, he emphasizes: The prediction model that Bitcoin will see at least $ 100,000, preferably as much as $ 288,000, in this cycle is still intact.

Therefore, the second half of the year should be exciting.


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