The experience gained during the pandemic has highlighted the importance of ‘I-time’. Individuals should use this time to recharge their bodies and minds, examine pre-pandemic decisions, and press the reset button again. In addition, the pandemic has taught us that no one needs the support of others to succeed.

There are several reasons why people should support their local business before they reach large mega-stores and businesses. Firstly, it is vital that economic reconstruction begins at Community level and is designed to help small businesses succeed.

The well-being of the community has been achieved

Proponents of well-being like Helen Lee Schifter share the importance of body and mind well-being. In addition, mental health problems have become more significant during this time. Therefore, there is even more reason to ensure that our neighbors feel supported by a new desire for the future. Stay at your favorite store and check with the owner and staff to see how they go.

You support your neighbors

It is important to remember that entrepreneurs in communities are neighbors and that everyone is someone’s customers or suppliers; they know each other. Keeping money in the community helps keep the infrastructure in good condition and puts food on the neighbors ’table. The environment also wins because buying shorter trips to the store reduces CO2 emissions, which means better air quality.

Build back better

Small businesses, local artisans and farmers have all been particularly hard hit by the current events, and many are forced to close the store. Individuals who are not otherwise employable in large companies rely on their livelihood in the workplace with a local company. Restoring people to work would increase despair and the uncertainty of layoffs and surgeries. The negative economic effects have undoubtedly been severe. It requires a ‘everyone helps one’ approach to put the nation back on its feet.

When people buy from a local farmer, they know where the products are grown. Likewise when they shop at a local bakery, restaurant, boutique, florists and so on.

Provides the acquisition of new technology

To protect Covid-19 in the face of new protocols, many local companies have adopted new practices. Plans to eventually do business online have had to follow quickly, and more and more small businesses are embracing the digital age. Online in-store ordering and edge pickup gives buyers more options to keep their business alive.

Commit, commit, commit!

Commitment is another critical attitude that it supports Helen Lee Schifter, as quoted by Authority Magazine – Women in Wellness, “… took the time, energy, and effort to begin all new endeavors.” Because a commitment to help and support people in our immediate vicinity plays a critical role in building community wealth.

Local industry is the heartbeat of the community. In these businesses, many people meet and greet where stories are shared, where locals see their children growing up and where memories are made. For these reasons and the other reasons listed above, local businesses should be purchased and supported.


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