Frequently purchased Magento 2 solutions provide a solution to show how Admin can add a frequently purchased product to a product page viewed by customers.

The product you buy often is similar to going to each other most of the time. The administrator can select a frequently purchased product on that product edit page and a new product page.

The summary of pricing in the shopping cart includes the price of the main product and the price of the add-on of the product.


  • An administrator can add a frequently added product to a product edit page and a new product page.
  • Customers can select an add-on by clicking the check box for the product in Add the product often.
  • Total pricing consists of the price of the product and the price of the add-on.
  • An administrator can add any Frequently Added Product number to the Product Page.

Benefits of a frequently purchased product

  • Administrator and vendor sales growth.
  • An administrator can add an unlimited suggestion Add the product often for each product.
  • Customers can add any number of add-ons to each order.
  • Growth in additional sales and cross-selling.
  • Usually going with similar and continuous products.

Customers receive a ZIP folder and they need to extract the contents of this zip folder to their system. Then the extracted folder has src folder, inside the src folder you have application folder. You have to move this application folder to the server’s Magento 2 directory as shown below.

After a successful installation, you need to run the command in the Magento 2 directory-

Run this command now on Magento 2 Root-

Also run this command on Magento 2 roots

Now after executing the commands, you need to clear the cache by browsing the Magento control panel-> System-> Cache Management as below.

If you need multilingual support, go to Save> Preferences> General> Language settings. And choose the language you want Language area option.

Add a frequently purchased product

For existing products, the administrator can select the product to be frequently added from the product edit page as well as the new product page. The option is displayed by navigating in the process below.

The administrator moves to Catalog> Product. The product grid will then appear. in activity column Click Edit then scroll down the same page, and then click Often bought together.

After clicking Often bought together choose an option Add frequently purchased products, then a list of products appears. The administrator selects the check boxes for products that are often added to products purchased together. When your administrator has selected all the products you added, then click Add selected products. Therefore, we can add a frequently purchased product to any product.

So we can see that the selected product added by the administrator appears on the product page shown in the image below. Click to save this product Save button.

Customer process

When a customer selects any product from the customer view, the product page appears in full detail. Under the same product page, the customer sees the part often purchased together.

When we see this product page Often bought together We see that these are very similar to the main product. These are them Frequently purchased product options added by the administrator during product addition and modification.

In the picture below, each Often purchased together Product, there is a check box in the upper right corner. When the checkbox is selected, the price of the add-on will be added to the order summary shown in the image below.

In this case, when the main products are added to the cart, the total amount of invoicing consisted only of the main products. When customers select product check boxes Often bought together, an additional price will be added to the summary.

Selection of frequently purchased products

After clicking the check box Often purchased product together when the customer selects the button Add selected products to cart then the addition is added as shown below.

Go now Shopping basket, the customer sees that when the selected add-ons are added, the total number of products consists of the main product and the add-ons.

The customer selects Continue to checkout. They can then place an order after filling in the required information.

Through this Often purchased in conjunction with Magento 2 we can see how similar products that can be used together can be displayed and sold to increase sales. How administrator sales are growing and more products are being sold. The client may or may not add the add-on, so to add the add-on, one administrator can select a similar or running product.

That’s all Often purchased in conjunction with Magento 2. Still you have problems, add a ticket and let us know your views at

Current product version – 5.0.0

Supported frame version – 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x.


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