by Sayantani Sanyal
June 18, 2021

At the age of one data analysis, Microsoft Excel is still needed

In recent years, leading companies and organizations have focused more on content. Companies try to deliver products, services and content according to customer preferences. But while focusing on the end product, the key to achieving this is data. Data analysis of the large amounts of information received on a daily basis, provides companies with the information they need to understand market requirements and serve customers accordingly.

Data analysis uses advanced analysis tools such as Hadoop, Apache Storm and DataCleaner. Analytical technology is closely related to applications that manage, analyze, and store data. One such program that is often overlooked in data analysis is Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Excel is still relevant in the era of data analysis and advanced technologies. D.Ata researchers who use Excel to store data are well aware that it is a necessary and effective tool.

So what is the job of Excel data analysis?

Larger organizations have indeed moved away from Excel, but it is still part of the larger one information ecosystem. Primarily, people use Excel because they know it. The program is easy to figure out, but Excel can cause a lot of problems handling large data sets.

Excel keeps data points in each cell starting raw information export, date of sale, SKU or number of units sold; all of this information is stored in Excel to make it easier to use and view. In addition, the use of Excel spreadsheets facilitates teamwork. The spreadsheet is often created and processed by a team of experts. The team analyzes the data to look for new business opportunities. An Excel spreadsheet would organize the data in a readable format, making it easier for analysts and data scientists to gain insights from it.

Top data professionals need to consider several factors when using Excel, such as if the frame is reproducible, whether the data is readable, and most importantly, whether they are able to manipulate the data. Data professionals need to be able to process data, but they don’t see Excel as a tool that can be used to process the data stored on it, even though the company has added several additional features to it in recent years.

Deploying Excel data analysis requires advanced skills. Although it is part of a larger data ecosystem, the data processing operator in Excel must be able to handle Microsoft Excel and must have advanced knowledge of program shortcuts and extensions.

Data analysis and expansion is part of a larger suite of tools that can be used to retrieve data from large datasets. Microsoft has added several features to ensure the effectiveness of the analysis and to help professionals expand their internal knowledge depth. Better analysis leads to better data products. Excel can be a powerful tool, but it is not a solution provider. Data analysts need to research several other programs to get better insights.

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