Tesla talked about his Plaid model S as “the fastest production car ever,” claiming it can go from 0 to 60 in 1.99 seconds. It is a claim that has attracted a lots of raised eyebrows by car enthusiasts and experts. Can he really go that fast? It turns out that it is possible. But only under certain incredibly specific conditions dictated by Tesla.

That’s what Motor trend found when he had an exclusive chance to test the S Plaid model. Instead of letting the post put the car to the test on its usual test track, Tesla’s public relations insisted that their drivers use a specific test track and drive that track in a particular way. Under Tesla’s conditions, Motor trend went from 0 to 60 in 1.98 seconds, going a quarter mile in just 9.25 seconds.

The whole review is definitely worth reading. But one key thing to remember is that apparently, to hit this acceleration record in under two seconds, you will need the following ingredients:

  1. Find a dragstrip ready for you to drive your Model S Plaid. It can be difficult, Motor trend points out, as most dragstrips will insist on following NHRA regulations which call for fast cars like this have added safety features like a roll cage and a safety net for the windows. Tesla will not offer these features, MotorTrend reports.
  2. If you find a track ready for you to test your shiny new car’s zoom capability, make sure it has a surface prepared with a adherent resin this will help the car to launch even faster. Ordinary asphalt will simply be not to do.
  3. Allow plenty of time if you want to go fast. You’re going to want to tell the car to go into Drag Strip mode. The car will begin to prepare for the glove you are going to pass it on. According to Motor trend: “Over the next eight to 15 minutes (the time required varies), the car preconditions the powertrain for sharp acceleration, heating or cooling the battery as needed and cooling the engines.”
  4. Once you’ve engaged Drag Strip, you’re good to… wait a little longer. A few more seconds this time! Step on the brake, step on the throttle, let the car fall into a “cheetah position” for 9 seconds. Just like a sprinter, he needs time to prepare on the block.
  5. Ok, now go fast. Really fast.


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