It appears that Google may make changes to how many frequently asked results may appear in Google search results per search result snippet. In the past, Google showed many frequently asked questions below the snippet, now Google has reduced it to a maximum of two. I’m not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but I can’t point out more than two in most tests in the United States.

Mark Barrera noticed this first and sent this Twitter, saying “It seems that Google limits the FAQ to show only two and not the ability to see more. Both of these sites have more than two FAQs marked.” Yep, I see the same, here is his screenshot:

click to get full size

In the past we saw many listed, you can see some samples here and here I embed one:

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I asked Google’s John Mueller if anything has changed with the Google Search FAQ. He told me Twitter “I’m not aware of the details, but it seems to be a normal evolution of search features.” According to “normal evolution,” Google has often withdrawn from how often and how many rich results are shown to 30 or more other rich results over time. As more and more sites use it, Google doesn’t want all search results to be contaminated with the same rich results. So they limit how many are displayed based on some sort of algorithm, and yes, core updates can and do affect which sites show rich results – so I assume it’s also used as a guide here to some extent.

John added that this does not necessarily apply to abuse:

Personally, I can trigger it outside the U.S., but maybe this is just a bug and Google will fix it or maybe Google will make a change and it just hasn’t spread everywhere? Or maybe Google shows less but no more than two? Strange.

We have seen a decrease in abundant frequently asked results before, but not in the number shown in a single snippet.

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