The glorious Manta pilot kit. I fix it

Dad doesn’t need tools anymore, does he? iFixit offers free shipping plus $ 10 off all orders of $ 50 or more with promo code DADS2021. Now is the perfect time to save on a refuel Manta Pilot Kit, a Pro Tech Toolkit (my favorite), or spare parts for your broken electronics.

For those who aren’t in the know, iFixit is a company that sells tools and writes repair guide for electronics. The company has a diverse catalog that covers pilot kits, welding workstations, Nintendo JoyCon Parts, project organization tools, and more. If you like to tinker with, modify or repair your gadgets, then you should jump on this sale ASAP or spend the rest of your days regretting (maybe overkill, you get the idea).

One of iFixit’s goals is to pass right to repair legislation, which would break the monopoly of companies like John Deere and Apple on product servicing. Such legislation would also force manufacturers to make their products easier to repair through user-friendly design and mandatory service manuals.

Things are going in the right direction: MP Joe Morelle recently presented a Fair Reparation Act which has popular support on both sides of the political aisle. It has very little to do with selling iFixit, but hopefully it will make you want to fix your old electronics. 🙂

Remember, promo code DADS2021!


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