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Police in Countless counterfeit 911 calls have flooded the Icelandic Overland so much that it has become a nuisance.

By – report Kansas City Fox 4 News, police have received up to 250 fake emergency calls per hour. Where do all these calls come from? Apple Watch.

As per iDrop news, A spokesman for the Overland Park police confirmed the growing number of fake emergency calls the forces receive from Apple Watches. Most are not harmful – in fact, watch users have accidentally activated an emergency mode on their devices, which has resulted in them calling 911 while sleeping.

“What is happening when people move in their sleep or exercise, they get an Apple Watch in an emergency. Not knowing it, the clock is really dialing 911, ”said Overland Park Police Captain Jim Sutterby.

Unfortunately the police must not ignore these fake 911 calls because they have to monitor every call, even if the caller is silent or hangs up.

Even With 250 calls per hour, Overland police are working to identify real emergencies from fake Apple Watch calls.

Prevent by accidentally calling 911, you can change Apple Watch settings. First, launch the Watch app on iPhone. Tap the ‘My Clock’ tab and then ‘Emergency SOS’. Disable Turn off the Hold Side Button to Call option so that Apple Watch cannot dial 911 automatically.

[via iDrop News, cover image via Shutterstock]



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