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Today, I’m introducing another new great functional feature in Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V, Hyper-V Replica support for Hot Add and Remove on the virtual hard disk.

Microsoft added the ability to add and remove a virtual hard disk to virtual machines that were copied. This is awesome! Why? Because Windows Server 2012 or 2012 R2 adds a virtual hard disk to the virtual machine that was copied, replication fails and the copy goes into a critical state.

In Windows Server 2016, it no longer happens when you add a virtual hard disk to a virtual machine, it is not automatically added to configured replications, but replication still works fine and at any point, while the virtual machine is still running and copied, you can log in and use simple PowerShell cmdlet to add or remove a virtual hard disk from the replication disk set, and then Hyper-V The copy is automatically resynchronized and everything works as expected. Mouth to mouth

Thank you, Microsoft for what you did Hyper-V Replica experience much more seamless.

To add and upgrade a new virtual hard disk to a set of copy disks, run the following cmdlet:

Set-VMreplication VMName -ReplicatedDisks (Get-VMHardDiskDrive VMName)

If you want to remove a virtual hard disk from a set of copy disks, you use it yourself PowerShell cmdlet above, but instead of moving all disks Replicated discs – you only enter the discs you want to copy and delete the ones you want to delete.

Set-VMreplication VMName -ReplicatedDisks (Get-VMHardDiskDrive VMName –ControllerLocation 0 –ControllerNumber 0)

Let’s take a look at the Hyper-V Replica enhancement in action!


I hope you enjoy the presentation and I would like to thank you for watching it.

/ Charbel


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