Hello everyone,

In today’s presentation, I’d like to show you two major new feature requests in Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V to resolve usage issues.

None of us want to bring the workload offline to serve the virtual machine.

1- Add and remove memory for static virtual machines:

As you know, Microsoft introduced dynamic memory back in Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1.
However, we cannot use dynamic memory for all of our workloads, such as SQL or Exchange Server.
Microsoft is listening to us and they have added addition and removal memory for static virtual machines.
What are the static memory requirements?
This is especially only if you are using Windows 10 guests on a Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V host, you can log in with statically configured memory and change the memory both up and down while the virtual machine is running!

The interesting part is that if you go to the memory tab in the Hyper-V Manager console, even though this is a virtual machine with static memory, we can see the memory ourselves as needed, so you can also resize the memory efficiently. This is awesome!

2- Add and remove virtual network adapters:

Quickly add and remove virtual network adapters. This is for a generation TWO virtual machines only (WS2012 / W8, WS12R2 / W8.1 or WS2016 / W10 guests).
You can add or remove network adapters while the virtual machine is running!

Another interesting big feature is identifying the virtual network adapter or naming the device, this is really interesting.
When you add a virtual network adapter, you can give it a name, which is then revealed inside the virtual machine.
You can enable it Naming the device Through PowerShell or virtual machine settings under Network Adapter Advanced Features, then from inside the virtual machine you can go and check for yourself, this adapter is that and another adapter for that. Very convenient and useful.

Let’s take a look at these new features in action!


I hope you enjoyed the presentation and would like to thank you for watching.

/ Charbel


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